Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sneak Peak

Here is just a sneak peak at my latest crochet project. The colors are Clemson orange and purple. I made this blanket for Julie's baby. Julie and her husband Steve are huge Clemson fans. Little Coleman will be making his appearance sometime in June and we are all excited to meet him. After I give the blanket to Julie, I will be posting more pictures.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Garden Update

My garden is one week old, and there has been a lot of progress made. Check out my pepper and squash plant. I think they both doubled in size. Two of the three tomato plants have baby tomatoes on them!! I am so excited to watch the little tomatoes grow over the next few weeks.
(Just a side note, but did you notice Andrew in some of these pictures. I think it is neat that you can see him through the deck rails, riding his lawn mower.)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Daily Walking Totals...

This past week I did Great with my walking. Here are my daily totals:
Sunday: 5.18
Monday: 2.49
Tuesday: 3.22
Wednesday: 2.15
Thursday: 2.83
Friday: 4.1
Saturday: 2.85
Total: 22.82

Hopefully, I will be able to do that good again this week.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Countdown is on...

Exactly one month from today, Andrew and I will be celebrating our 6th anniversary, and checking into Disney's Hilton Head Resort!! To say that I am excited, would be a major understatement. I have been ready for vacation since we got back from the Vero Beach, last May. Come On May 23rd!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jury Duty

This week, I have been called for Jury Duty! Yesterday we showed up and all got dismissed, since the Court had "enough to keep them busy for the day." I go back today at 2:30 and hopefully I will not be picked. Here is a little funny about Jury Duty!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

20+ Miles Walked!!

Well, My goal was to walk at least 20 miles this week, and I did it!!

Here is the run down for the week:
Sunday: 1.33
Monday: 3.41
Tuesday: 3.28
Wednesday: 3.38
Thursday: .56
Friday: 5.35
Total Miles Walked: 20.42

On Thursday night, Andrew and I went to a dinner, so I didn't get a chance to walk after work. But I made up for it on Friday, Becky walked me all over town! Hopefully, I can do this many miles again next week.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Vegetable Garden 2010

Today, I planted my vegetable garden. I planted three different kinds of tomato plants, one crooked neck yellow squash plant, and one sweet red cherry pepper plant.
Here are all of my plants in their buckets.
Tomato plant #1
Tomato Plant #2
Tomato Plant #3
Yellow Squash
Sweet Red Cherry Pepper
All of the plants
I will be posting updates all through out the summer. I'm so excited to watch them grow.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Women of Joy Recap

I had such a great time this past weekend at Women of Joy!
Friday night's session was with Lori Salierno. She spoke about what is going on in her life right now, and how she is getting through it. This year, she found out that her husband of 29 years has been unfaithful, and has filed for a legal separation. She spoke about going through the valley, and about the darkness that has come over her in these past few months. Hearing her story just broke my heart. I could not imagine what she is going through. But God is using her to minister to other women who may be in a similar situation. I will post more about what all she said in another post.
After the session on Friday night, we went and grabbed a quick bite to eat, and went back to the cabin for some time in the Hot Tub!!
Saturday morning, Anita Renfroe and Kay Arthur spoke. Charles Billingsley lead the worship all weekend long and he did a great job. He is a little cheesy, but very good.

(Crystal, Sarah, Elise, and Kelly)
Anita Renfroe was Hilarious! Here is a video of one of the songs she did. If you go to YouTube and type in her name, tons of videos will show up. If you need a good laugh, check them out.

Kay Arthur did a great job. She is so passionate, and really isn't there to impress anyone. She is just there to share the word of God. (Me, Carol, Joy, Lori, Becky, and Danette)
(Kelly with a sleeping Elise)
Saturday afternoon we went back to the cabin for lunch and relaxation. I ended up taking a two hour nap while the others drove around Sevierville. That night, everyone came to our cabin for dinner. Mom made lasagna, and the other cabins brought garlic bread, salad, and dessert. Everything was so yummy.
(Mom and Me)
Saturday night was the Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith Concert.
Steven Curtis Chapman was great! He spoke about adoption and about his adopted daughter that was killed a couple years ago. I don't think there was a dry eye in the place. We left before Michael W. Smith, but I saw him a few years ago at this same event.
I was most looking forward to Sunday Morning, because my favorite author, Karen Kingsbury, was speaking. She did a great job! She spoke about living our life and making it count. We only get one chance to write the story of our lives.She also read her children's book "Let Me Hold You Longer" and again, there was not a dry eye in the place. If you have children, or ever plan to have children, I would highly recommend you get this book. You can get it on Amazon new for about $10. When she was done speaking, her son, Tyler, got up and sang a song he wrote, based on one of her books. It was a great song, with a great message, There's sunshine, just beyond the clouds. After that, I went and got in line to meet her. This is what I had been waiting all weekend for. Here are some pictures of my progression down the line.
(Just starting out)
(Woo Hoo!! I made it to the roped off area!)
(Almost There!! You can see Kelly, Sara, and Becky waiting for me to finish. By the time I got to the front of the line, everyone was so excited for me.)
(Crystal was nice enough to wait in line with me)
(Here I am with Karen Kingsbury)
I waited a total of 2 hours to meet her, and it was worth every minute! She was so sweet, and spent time with every single person in line! She makes you feel like you are best friends!
I had a great time over the weekend, and am already looking forward to next year!
** By the way, most of these pictures my Mom took. Thanks Mom for letting me use them.**

Monday, April 12, 2010

Walking, Walking, Walking

Here are the totals from this past week.

Sunday: 1.23
Monday: 2.14
Tuesday: 2.87
Wednesday: 2.92
Thursday: 1.23
Friday: 2.27
Saturday: 1.60
Total: 14.26
I didn't make it to my goal to be under 200 miles left, but I blame that on being away all weekend. We didn't do as much walking around as I thought I would. This week I am really going to work hard, and my goal is to do 20 miles total this week. Wish me luck!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Women of Joy

This weekend is Women of Joy and I am so excited to be going!! It is going to be a great weekend with friends and family. There will also be come of my favorite speakers/performers there! Karen Kingsbury! Kay Arthur! Steven Curtis Chapman! Michael W. Smith! There will also be two ladies there that I have never had the opportunity to hear speak, Lori Salierno and Anita Renfroe. I am most excited about Karen Kingsbury! I have read all of her books, and absolutely love her! Hopefully, I will get the chance to meet her, and will have pictures when I get back.
I am excited about what God is going to do this weekend. Last year, all of the speakers talked about the storms in life. One speaker said, "You are always in one of two places in your life, Just coming out of a storm, or about to go into a storm." I remember thinking to myself, "My life is going so well, so I guess that means that I'm about to go into a storm." God was definitely trying to teach me something last year, and prepare me for what was about to happen. This past year has been one storm after another. And Andrew and I are both going through them. Andrew, with his job, and me with infertility. I know God will use the speakers this year in a big way. And I'm hoping and trusting that this year, God will bring us out of these storms.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I Go Out Walking...

I'm making progress! Here are the totals for this past week:
Sunday: 2.35
Monday: 3.79
Tuesday: .5 (Ouch!)
Wednesday: 3.22
Thursday: 2.83
Friday: 2.05
Saturday: 1.61
Total Miles: 16.35
Hopefully, by the end of this week, I will be under 200 miles left to walk! That's my goal this week.