Friday, July 31, 2009

Atlanta - HERE WE COME!!

So, this weekend, we are having a Girls Weekend in Atlanta, GA! I have a friend, Julie, who lives in Atlanta, so my friend, Jessica, and I will be heading down there today. I only wish Germany were closer, so Jennifer could come too. She will be missed this weekend for sure! But we will be having another Girls Weekend when she comes home from Germany at the end of the month! God has blessed me with wonderful girlfriends, and to be able to spend a whole weekend together is so exciting. I will give a full report of the weekend when I return. Have a good weekend everyone!

Here we are at our Christmas party last year. That was the last time we were all together.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Maggie's New Blanket

My Niece Maggie Turned one while we were at Disney, so she didn't get her birthday present until after we got home. Abby had asked if I could make her another blanket, and I was happy to do so. I was really happy with how it turned out. I think Maggie likes it too.
Sorry about the pictures, I took them with Andrew's iPhone.

Friday, July 24, 2009

SHOW US YOUR LIFE - Wedding Dress

Kelly at Kelly's Korner, is hosting a "Show us your Life - Wedding Dresses" Blog Carnival today, so I thought I would join in. I found my dress at a local bridal store but was a little higher priced than I would have liked to pay for it. So, as I was talking to the store owner, she mentioned that if I had been there that weekend, everything was 1/2 off! I couldn't believe I missed such a great sale. I asked if there was anyway that I could get the sale price, and she refused. She was only willing to take 10% off! I was so mad! So, I wrote down the style number and designer of the dress and did what any bargain hunter would do, I looked on eBay! And I found my dress for 1/2 of the retail price! It was the right color and size! I couldn't believe it. So I bought it, and just as the lady was getting ready to ship it to me, she noticed that is was a size smaller than what she had said it was! She asked if I still wanted it, and I just couldn't have the added stress of losing a whole size before the wedding, so I told her I would keep looking. She refunded our money, and I started looking again at different places. I ended up calling a Bridal Warehouse in North Carolina, and they had my dress! The right size and color and for 1/2 the price! I was so excited that I finally found my dress. I think I tried it on once a week, every week, for 6 months leading up till the wedding. It was perfect!
We got married on the top of Glassy Mountain, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in May.

Here is the back of the dress. My mom did my bustle herself, and that was the only alteration I needed on my dress.

And just cause I love this picture, I thought I would include it.

Thanks for taking this walk down memory lane with me. Andrew and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary this past May, and what a wonderful 5 years it has been!

The Best Wedding Entrance Ever

This is hilarious. Take the 5 minutes to watch it, you'll be glad you did.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


In just a few short weeks, I will be the owner of my very own iPhone! In preparation for getting my new toy, I have been looking at all of the available cases. There are some really cute ones out there. These are my top picks. I need help deciding which one to get. Please leave me a comment with your favorite pick for me.





Thanks for your help!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Abby!

Today is my sister-in-law, Abby's Birthday. Happy Birthday Abby! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Disney Day 7

Our last day at Disney didn't start till almost noon. After staying up till 2:30 am the night before, we needed those extra hours of sleep. When we finally did get out of the bed, we went to the boat dock and rented a two person Sea Raycer. We rode all around Bay Lake and the Seven Seas lagoon. Our little boat did stall one time, and we had to enlist the help of one of the Lake Patrol officers. He got the boat started right away, and we were off to finish our lake cruise. After our boat ride, it was time for lunch, and the we hit the pool. It was an overcast afternoon, which was perfect for lounging by the pool. We both ended up falling asleep. Our dinner was in Morocco at EPCOT. I was a little nervous going into it, but ended up really enjoying the food. I got Chicken Couscous and Andrew got Roast Lamb Shank. There was a belly dancer that performed during dinner, I think Andrew enjoyed the entertainment more than I did. After dinner we went over to the Magic Kingdom to watch the fireworks. We rode Jungle Cruise while we were there too. After the fireworks, we sat on a bench and enjoyed our last night at Disney. Overall, the week was a great getaway, and we both enjoyed it. Thanks to Andrew's parents for a great vacation.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Disney Day 5 and 6

Day 5 started out with Breakfast at the Animal Kingdom with the whole family. While we were walking into the park, Andrew ran into one of his co-workers from when he worked at Disney 7 years ago. Her name is Jackie, and she is one of the sweetest ladies. It was so good to reconnect with her. Breakfast was a character breakfast, and it was buffet style. All of the food was yummy, and the characters were a lot of fun. After breakfast, Andrew and I went on the African safari ride, then it was back to the resort for some pool time. It was so hot! After some relaxation, we went to the Caribbean Beach hotel for dinner, and then went to Hollywood studios to try and ride some of the attractions we didn't get a chance to do the day before. Well, It was still a long line at Toy Story Mania and Rockin' Roller Coaster. At least 60 - 75 minutes! So we left, and went back to the resort. The rest of the family was out pretty late, but since it was their last full day, they were wanting to get the most out of the day.
Day 6 started with us packing our bags, and sending them off to the Wilderness Lodge, since that is where we will be staying for the next two nights. The rest of the family was leaving, so we helped load up their cars, and then we all drove over to Downtown Disney for an early lunch, and shopping. We ate at the Earl of Sandwich again, and then shopped around. Andrew's parents dropped us off at our new resort, and then they hit the road back to South Carolina. We checked in, but our room wasn't ready, so we went to the pool and enjoyed a quiet, relaxing afternoon. It started to get a little overcast, but it was perfect napping-by-the-pool weather. Around 3:45 we got a text, saying that our room was ready. We went to check it out, and it is great. Andrew says that this is his favorite DVC Resort. We were going to go back to the pool, but it started pouring rain, with Thunder and Lightning, so we changed back into our clothes, and walked around the lobby of the resort. We had dinner reservations for the Beirgarten Restaurant in Germany at EPCOT for 7:30. The restaurant is buffet style, and they had all kinds of food, and it was all so good. My favorite was the Bavarian Cheese Cake. Oh My Goodness....Delicious! After dinner, we took the Monorail over to the Magic Kingdom, since it was staying open until 3:00 am. We figured we would get a change to ride everything since it would be less crowded. We were right. We walked on to most rides, and the longest we had to wait was 20 minutes. Every time we come to Disney, I ask Andrew to ride the tea cups with me, and every time, he refuses. He says it makes him sick. Well, before we left for this trip, he promised that he would ride them with me this time. So, last night was the night. While in line, I asked him how long it had been since he had ridden them, and it turns out it has been over 20 years!! So he got sick when he was 6 or 7, and has refused to ride the tea cups ever since! And guess what! He made it through the whole ride without getting sick, and he even enjoyed himself. If you ask him, he'll say he didn't enjoy it, but I could tell that he was having a good time. We had a great, full, long day and by the time we got back to our room, it was 2:30 am. Saturday is our last day, and then it's back home for us, and back to the real world!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Disney Day 4

Yesterday started out with a trip to Hollywood Studios. We had plans of riding the Rockin Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, and the New Toy Story Ride. Well, the Toy Store ride had a 70 minute wait, and the fast pass return was for 4:30 pm, and it was only 10:30. There was no way we wanted to wait around that long just for a ride. We called Mike and Amy, who were also at the park, and we met up with them. We were on our way to the roller coaster, and the American Idol experience was just getting ready to start, so we went in. It was a cute little reproduction of the real show. After American Idol, we went to get a fast pass for the rockin roller coaster and ride tower of terror. Well, The line for the Roller coaster was 70 minutes, and the fast pass return wasn't until 4:00. We were not planning on being at the park until 4:00, so we decided to skip that ride. We went to Tower of Terror and the fast pass return was for 12:30. So, we went to lunch with Amy and Mike at the ABC Commissary. I got a cheese burger with apple slices and a fruit parfait for dessert. Andrew got fried fish with french fries and chocolate mousse for dessert. After lunch we went to ride the Tower of Terror. We left Hollywood Studios around 1:00, and then spent some time at the pool. At 4:00 we went to the Welcome Home Wednesday for Vacation Club Members. It is just an informational get-together for members to hear about anything new and excited going on. After that, we went over to the Animal Kingdom. We saw the Lion King show, which was good, and then ate dinner at Flame tree BBQ. I got the pulled pork sandwich, and Andrew got the 1/2 rack of ribs. This was our view from our dinner table. As we were eating dinner, and huge storm blew in. There was lots of lightning and Thunder, but only a little bit of rain. We wanted to ride Expedition Everest, but they closed it due to the weather. When the rain finally did start, we decided it was time to call it a night. We got back to the resort around 9:00, and watched a movie. The rest of the family was out til almost 11:00.
Day 4 was a very long, hot, tiring day, but it was also a lot of fun.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Disney Day 2 and 3

Yesterday was our second day at Disney. After spending the afternoon at the pool, we went to
EPCOT for Dinner in Japan. The food was very good, and the Chef's Hibachi style cooking show
was excellent. She did a very good job. After dinner we watched 52nd street- The Billy Joel
Tribute Band. They were very good. We stayed at EPCOT long enough to see the fireworks, then we went to Magic Kingdom since it was open till 12:00. We only rode on Thunder Mountain, but we did get to see the Firework show too. After walking around the MK, we got on the bus and back to the resort.
Day 3 didn't start until 10:00, when we rolled out of bed. We hung around the resort for lunch
and time at the pool. We had a photo session appointment at the Polynesian Resort at 3:30, so
we had to leave around 3:00 to get there in enough time. Our plan was to take pictures outside
at the beach, but as soon as we got there, it started pouring rain. We ended up taking pictures in
the lobby and the waterfall at the entrance. After our 30 minute session was over, it of course
stopped raining, and our photographer was nice enough to extend our time, so we could get some pictures outside. We ended up getting a lot of good family pictures. After the photographer was done, Andrew and I stayed around and took some pictures by ourselves. We had a lot of fun. At 5:15, we had reservations for the Luau. What a great meal and show. Plus it was a lot of fun! We ended the night sitting in our room at the resort. Andrew wasn't feeling too well, so we are calling it a night early, and hanging around here. We don't have any plans for tomorrow, so I
guess we are going to play it by ear.