Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Baby J is 21 Months Old!!

Baby J, you are 21 months old! You are getting so big and are so close to turning 2!
This month you did a lot of the same stuff as last month.So not much new to report.

You are sleeping great, now that we are putting you to bed earlier! You have even slept a few 14 hour nights!! Crazy! Also, your naps are getting longer too! Maybe you are having a growth spurt, or you just are getting more and more comfortable here and relaxing more. Whatever it is, we are loving the extra sleep you are getting, and I think you are loving it too!

You are up to 24 lbs! and 33 inches tall! You have grown 5 inches since coming home!!That means you are in the 29% for weight and 30% for height!! Way to go! When you came to us, you were in the 5% for both!

Food is still hit or miss, but that is a toddler thing, so I expect it. I just offer you lots of options, and hope you will eat something. You do love your milk (pediasure) and I'm sure that is why you are growing so much!!

You still aren't talking much, but your speech therapist says you are making good progress. She just wishes you would say more actual words. We will keep working on it. I started working with you to learn your colors, and it seems like a lost cause. You really don't have any interest in them.

We have discovered something that you like to watch on TV. ABC Mouse videos! They are on youtube, and you want to watch the same 5 over and over! I keep trying to add more, but you still just want the same 5. But these songs are helping you say a few more words. Like, "fell, bed, jump, over, (5 little monkeys jumping on the bed, 10 in the bed) so that's good!

Your favorite place to be is outside! You would spend all day outside, blowing bubbles!!
We love you more and more everyday and are so much fun!

Halloween 2016

We had a great Halloween this year!! 
   Michael got to help carve the pumpkin this year!
   He drew out the face all by himself!
Michael was pretty proud of himself!

J loved looking at his pumpkin's face. He was very curious about what was inside too!
They turned out pretty awesome! And look great all lit up!

Halloween night!
My cute police officer and baby giraffe!

He loved his little costume! And he figured out trick or treating really quickly!

Why does my 6 year old suddenly look 13?!?!
He was pretty proud of himself!

Look at that cute little giraffe head!

And he wanted a picture without his hat on. 

We didn't do any trunk or treats this year, we only went out halloween night. But we still came home with a ton of candy!
J was so cute trick or treating! I tried to get him to say "Trick or Treat", but all he would say was Thank You! Which is good I guess. He would also say "more" as soon as we started walking away from someone's house. He was ready to move on to the next stop and get more candy! We also caught him trying to eat his candy through the wrappers! After looking at his candy the next day, I found several pieces with big teeth marks in them. 

And because I love a comparison picture, here is Michael at 16 months old and J at 21 months old wearing the same costume! 5 years apart!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

6 Months with Baby J!

I say this every month, but I can't believe it has already been 6 months! J is doing great!

We have had a busy, fun month! We took A trip to Strawberry Hill to see the animals, and also took a trip to the pumpkin patch in Hendersonville. 

We are working on helping J to not be so grumpy and whiney and think the root of that is sleep, or in his case not enough sleep. So, he has been going to bed an hour earlier, but he still wakesup the same time. That extra hour of sleep seems to be helping! He is sleeping better and longer and is happier most of the day! He also taking better naps too! 

He is eating a little more these days, but still would rather run around then stop to eat. 
    (yes, he is drinking salsa from a straw!)

He loves when Lucy comes to play, and gets so excited when she gets here! He is going to miss her when she moves next month!
      (Yes, that is a pig, in my front yard!)

He had a checkup at the ENT, and actually had the start of an ear infection. We got some antibiotics and stopped it before it had a chance to bother him! 

He loved the cows at strawberry hill! 

He Loved all of the pumpkins! 

He sits for longer periods of time playing with one thing now. Still not extended periods, but longer than before. He really likes his little farm. 

When I am cooking, he has to be right next to me. So, he gets his little chair and brings it in to stand on. 

I also let him help with mixing stuff up! 

After making cookies, he sat right in front of the oven watching them bake!
He had a blast at the pumpkin patch! 

Riding the cow train. 
Checking out the giant bear!

Trying to pick up the pumpkins. 

Seeing how big he is!
It will be neat to see how much he will grow by next year!

His favorite person is Michael! He asks about him all day and is so excited when it is time to go get him from school. When I show him pictures of Michael drying the day, he yells his Name and laughs! He loves his brother!

He is in the terrible twos and it is wearing me out. Temper tantrums, throwing things, hitting, biting! It's a lot, but we are working through it all just one melt down at a time. 

He makes me laugh and brings our family so much joy! 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Baby J is 20 Months Old!!

20 Months old already!! I cannot believe how fast time is going! 

J is doing great!! But I'm afraid he is entering the terrible twos a little early. Michael had more of the terrible three's, so I was not prepared for this to happen so early. But that goes for everything they do. They are complete and total
Opposites!! So we are learning all new ways to parent a strong willed, stubborn child. 

He is also full of sweet funny moments too! He loves his big brother and wants to do everything he does and be with him all the time. 
He has learned to smile when I take his picture now, which is great!! Before I was lucky if I happened to get him smiling, but now he will smile at the camera! 
He is busy busy busy!! Does not sit still for a minute!! But that means he crashes hard at nap time and bed time! He is doing great falling asleep by himself and staying asleep! He is still taking a two hour nap (12-2) and sleeps 12+ hours each night (7 pm - 7:30 am)
He is still not eating much during the day, but he usually will eat a lot at dinner! He kinda just grazes and snacks during the day. He just doesn't want to sit still and eat! But he is always drinking his pediasure! So at least he is getting some calories into him. 
He is up to 23 lbs! 
He is wearing mostly size 18 months clothes now! All the 12 month pants are too short. 
He is still in size 3 diapers  
He is doing good talking and still enjoying speech therapy. 
He can now point to nose, head, hair, eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, belly, hands, fingers, feet, toes, and cheeks. 
He is also doing good with animal sounds. He can do a cow, sheep, pig, horse, dog, cat, and bird. 
He asks to go outside ALL DAY LONG! And now that the weather is cooling off, we spend lots of time outside. 
He also asks to play with a ball all day long. He has this little bat, and walks around hitting balls all over he house. 
Anytime he sees a big vehicle, he yells "Ohh Big Truck!!" He also loves motorcycles! 

He wears me out, but I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world! He makes me laugh everyday, and we just love him so much!! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

5 Months with Baby J

Wow! This month has flown by! It feels like I was just writing his 4 month post! 

He is getting so big and turning into such a big boy! No more baby! Anything the big kids can do, he wants to do! 

He loves the drums! And everything is a drum to him. He also loves to dance. Every morning he wants me to put on some music and he "tells" me that by shaking his butt! It is so cute! 

J loves when Lucy comes to play! They play really good together, until they don't! Then they each need a little time out. 

He loves to be outside! He also loves his daddy! So when Andrew was working on his truck, J loved being right there with him! 

He is getting a little picky and finicky about what he will eat. So when he decided that he liked ranch dressing, I let him dip stuff in it. I never thought he would go face first licking it off if the plate! 

He is so busy, and never stops moving! 

He loves speech therapy! He has so much fun playing with Ms. Gina! And he is doing so well! 

He is happiest when he has a ball in his hand! If he can't find a ball, any sports equipment will do. He also turns everything into a bat, and will try to hit all sorts of balls. The other day he had a small bouncy ball and a drum stick, and he was doing his best to hit the ball with the "bat". And he actually succeeded a few times! And he can throw a ball incredibly well! We will have to sign him up for baseball as soon as he is old enough. 

He is adjusting wonderfully to being in our family! He still has major separation anxiety when I leave, but we are working on it. 

Every morning he asks where daddy is and where Michael is. He misses them both so much during the day. He gets so excited when it's time to go get Michael from school. And whenever my phone rings, he yells, "daddy!!" And anytime the dogs bark at a car outside, he does the same thing! He can't wait for daddy to get home from work! 

We are blessed to have in our family! 

And just a note about the adoption,  we have a visit each month from his social worker, his adoption worker, and his guardian ad litem. Each month I ask about TPR, and each month they don't know anything. They had originally told us to expect a year for everything to be final. Well, it's been 5 months and NOTHING has happened! So, we aren't holding our breath. We are just ready for something to happen!