Sunday, December 18, 2016

8 Months With Baby J

Today J has been home for 8 months! Here is what he has been up to:

He growing like a weed! When he came home he was in Size 12 month everything. Now he is in 18 month and some of those are even getting too short. We are having to move up ton24 month pajamas now. He has grown almost 5 inches!

He is eating great! Trying lots of new things and loving a lot. He eats the most during dinner and usually just snacks the rest of the day. But if he is eating a good dinner, I'm not too worried about how much he eats the rest of the day. He is drinking mostly milk, but does love juice! We limit his juice intake, and try to get him to drink water, but he isn't a big fan.

He is sleeping great! A few weeks ago, there were two nights in a row where he slept 14 hours!! Must have been a growth spurt. We can tell if he is having a hard time emotionally, because his sleep will be off. He will either not go to bed good, or not nap well. He had a major regression a couple of weeks ago, and for about 4-5 days he did not go to bed good and also did not nap good. We are getting back into a good schedule this week, so hopefully that will stick.

He is NOT a fan of Santa! We have tried twice, and both times he is not at all excited and starts crying. I'm not one of those moms that is going to plop him on santa's lap just to get a crying picture. I think that is just horrible.

And my boy has had enough trauma in his life, he doesn't need more. So both times I will hold him and talk to santa, but he still does not like it. But that is ok. Maybe next year...

He loves books! He will sit and bring me book after book to read to him. He really likes Sandra Boynton books, and so did Michael. They are fun, rhyming books with fun animals.

J loves going to speech every week, and has made a lot of progress. He still has a long way to go, but he will get there. He has started trying to repeat what we say, where as before he wouldn't even try. He is also answering my questions with real answers. Where's Michael? "School". Where's daddy? "Work".
Where is you milk? "Floor"
He has trouble remembering the word "yes". He always answers no, and I always say, yes? And if he means yes, he will say yes back, but if he means no, then he repeats the no. Our new goal is to try to get him to say 2-3 word sentences. He does that some, but with only a few select phrases. "Where's Michael?" "Where's J" "There he is."

He still loves to play with balls. He kicks them, throws them, and hits them with a bat. And any long stick like object can be a bat. He is also really getting into toy cars. Michael has loved cars forever, so there are a lot around the house. So he plays with the hot wheels race track a lot.

He loved peek a boo. He plays in the car, behind a chair, under a blanket, next to the Christmas tree, behind his hands, anywhere or anything he can hide behind he will.

He has turned into a little charmer with me. It mostly happens in the grocery cart, but has happened a few times at home. Anytime I have to tell him to stop doing something , mostly trying to stand up in the cart, he will look at me, say "mama" I'm the sweetest voice and then give me the biggest hug. And it works every time. He knows he's got me!

We are so excited about celebrating Christmas with J this week! We had prayed for two years for another baby to share Christmas with, and this year he is here!!
Thanksgiving 2014 we decided to adopt again and Christmas 2014 we told our families that we would be adopting again! 2 years later and our prayers were answered!!

We are so thankful that we get to be his family!!!

What a blessing he is to our family!!

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