Wednesday, January 29, 2014

#wolffpicaday2014 - week 4

Week 4 of taking pictures everyday!! I'm so impressed with myself for sticking with it!!

Day 21 - Michael's newest favorite spot to lay while I am on my computer. Usually Molly is laying right next to him. 

Day 22 - Just blowing napkins off his head at dinner. Oh the things that entertain a three year old.

Day 23 - Been doing a lot of research for our upcoming trip to Hawaii! 114 more days!!

Day 24 - Grilled cheese sandwich turned race car. And he "drove" it all over the table at dinner.

Day 25 - lazy Saturday with the family. Watching a movie and eating caramel corn! 

Day 26 - Somebody got a hair cut tonight!! He looks so much older with short hair. 

Day 27 - Molly got to go riding/walking with us today!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

#wolffpicaday2014 - week 3

I know that week three was last week, but here are the pictures from my #wolffpicaday2014 from week 3

Day 14 - Started a new Bible reading plan on Sunday. So far so good! Last year I did not do so good. Hoping this one goes better. 

Day 15 - I told Michael that he could skip his nap today, since we were out running around and wouldn't be home at normal nap time. He was so excited about not taking a nap. But 10 minutes into the car ride, this is what I see in the backseat!

Day 16 - Was feeling brave today and took three little boys to chick-fil-a for story time. It was a success!

Day 17 - Michael and Mimi looking at his scrapbook.

Day 18 - Michael and Zoe watching Monsters Inc. at Grandma's house. 

Day 19 - @manscout_99 walking along highway 14 picking up papers that flew out of my bible when he left them on the roof of the car and drove off. No Bible was found though. Hoping someone picked it up and brought it back to church. Thankfully, someone found Andrew's!

Day 20 - We all enjoyed the beautiful weather today!

Day 20 (2) - because sometimes you just want some 'nana pudding.

If you want to follow along, my instagram name is katiewolff810

Monday, January 20, 2014

Michael's Scrapbook - Up To Date!

Over the past few weeks, since I completed my Christmas Scrapbook, I have been working on getting Michael's Scrapbook up to date. The last pages that were done, were from August. So, here are September through the end of December! (I know the pictures are not that great. I just snapped them really quick with my phone, and tried to avoid getting a glare from the overhead light.)


Apple Picking

Disney World

Seminole, FL




Riverbanks Zoo



It is a wonderful feeling knowing that all of my scrapbooks are up to date! Now I can focus on my plan for my Hawaii album! More on that later. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

#wolffpicaday2014 - Week 2

I have managed to keep this up for two weeks now! Here are my pictures from this past week.

Day 8 - Michael asked this morning if we could make muffins. So we went to the store and he picked the chocolate ones. A boy after my own heart!

Day 9 - Eating popcorn and watching Chuck on Netflix. This is what we do after Michael goes to bed.

Day 10 - Found some new stamps today at the mighty dollar, but apparently it is more fun to stamp your fingers! Silly boy! 

Day 11 - Starting a new book, then going to bed. It's been a great lazy, rainy day.

Day 12 - Snuggles with my boy while he watches a little Thomas the Train.

Day 13 - Trying to teach this boy his ABC's, but he has zero interest. So today, I involved M&MS and he seemed a little more excited to learn them.

Day 13 (2) - Thankful for the nice weather today. Found a great place for Michael to ride his bike! And I get a little exercise too. Win win.

Thrift Store Finds

Wednesday, we hit up the Miracle Hill Thrift store and I got a ton of clothes for Michael.
Take a look:
Fleece Adidas coat
Sonoma long sleeve shirt
Gap Kids Sweater Vest

Gap kids swim suit
Children's Place plaid shorts
Lands End rash guard
J&K rash guard

Arizona polo shirt
John Deer T-shirt
Toy Story t-shirt
Star Wars Lego pajamas 

Total cost: $15.50!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

#wolffpicaday2014 - Week 1

Here is week one of my #wolffpicaday2014

Day 1 - Spent the day playing at the new Big E play area.

Day 2 - I took down all of our Christmas decorations today, except for Michael's little tree. He wanted to keep it up.

Day 3 - This is what I saw when I got out if the shower this morning. Doing A little light reading.

Day 4 - Dinner with the Wolff family. Michael and Maggie had so much fun playing with his planes.

Day 4 (2) - bedtime stories with my baby and my fur baby. 

Day 5 - A great way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon, catching up on my Christmas scrapbook.

Day 6 - Story time at the library with Elise. This is the only computer he ever gets to use

Day 6 - And we made blue pancakes!!

Day 7 - He's Home!!! So happy to have @manscout_99 back home! It's been a long two weeks without him!

I really am loving taking a picture everyday. It's going to be nice to have these to look back on one day. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Scrapbook - 2013 Done

I completely all if the 2013 Christmas pages today!! And with those, my second christmas scrapbook is full!! 

Here are some pictures of the finished pages.