Tuesday, January 28, 2014

#wolffpicaday2014 - week 3

I know that week three was last week, but here are the pictures from my #wolffpicaday2014 from week 3

Day 14 - Started a new Bible reading plan on Sunday. So far so good! Last year I did not do so good. Hoping this one goes better. 

Day 15 - I told Michael that he could skip his nap today, since we were out running around and wouldn't be home at normal nap time. He was so excited about not taking a nap. But 10 minutes into the car ride, this is what I see in the backseat!

Day 16 - Was feeling brave today and took three little boys to chick-fil-a for story time. It was a success!

Day 17 - Michael and Mimi looking at his scrapbook.

Day 18 - Michael and Zoe watching Monsters Inc. at Grandma's house. 

Day 19 - @manscout_99 walking along highway 14 picking up papers that flew out of my bible when he left them on the roof of the car and drove off. No Bible was found though. Hoping someone picked it up and brought it back to church. Thankfully, someone found Andrew's!

Day 20 - We all enjoyed the beautiful weather today!

Day 20 (2) - because sometimes you just want some 'nana pudding.

If you want to follow along, my instagram name is katiewolff810

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linda said...

Just looked at this tonight, it seemed so funny to see Michael's long hair. I mean you just cut it but it seems like a long time ago that it was long.