Thursday, January 16, 2014

#wolffpicaday2014 - Week 2

I have managed to keep this up for two weeks now! Here are my pictures from this past week.

Day 8 - Michael asked this morning if we could make muffins. So we went to the store and he picked the chocolate ones. A boy after my own heart!

Day 9 - Eating popcorn and watching Chuck on Netflix. This is what we do after Michael goes to bed.

Day 10 - Found some new stamps today at the mighty dollar, but apparently it is more fun to stamp your fingers! Silly boy! 

Day 11 - Starting a new book, then going to bed. It's been a great lazy, rainy day.

Day 12 - Snuggles with my boy while he watches a little Thomas the Train.

Day 13 - Trying to teach this boy his ABC's, but he has zero interest. So today, I involved M&MS and he seemed a little more excited to learn them.

Day 13 (2) - Thankful for the nice weather today. Found a great place for Michael to ride his bike! And I get a little exercise too. Win win.

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