Monday, August 17, 2015

Michael's First Day of Kindergarten!

I have cried anytime I think about this day. The day my one and only baby boy heads off to school! It's just too much to think about him growing up, and now going off to school. How can it possibly be time for him to start school?

He was so excited about it! So, I didn't let him see me cry, or know how anxious I was about him starting kindergarten. I told him how excited I was for him, and just knew he would be awesome!

The day had finally arrived. We packed his backpack and lunch box, took some pictures, drove him to the school, he hopped out of the van, walked into school, and that was it! He was officially a kindergartner!

And now for some pictures from the momentous event!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Michael Turns 5!!

I can't believe I have a 5 year old! Where did the time go?

This year for Michael's birthday, we had two parties. One with friends, and then a family party.

For his friend party, we went to Pump it Up to bounce, and then went to McDonald's for dinner.

All of the kids had a great time!!

And the cupcakes my mom made! Aren't they so cute!

We had a great time on Saturday celebrating our little Avenger!

We started at Lowe's Build and Grow, building the Hulk Tank!

After we build our Hulk Tank, we went to Grandma and Papa's house to swim and have pizza and cake!

Michael had an incredible Birthday Celebration! So thankful for some many friends and family that make it so wonderful!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Happy Birthday Michael!


I can not believe you are already 5 years old! How is that possible! It seems like just yesterday, you were my chunky little baby, learning to walk and talk. Now you are 5 and getting ready to start Kindergarten!! We are so proud of you, and the little boy you are becoming. You are so sweet, and are just the best little boy. You have your times of moodiness, but don't we all? You love your friends, and cousins, and love having so many other kids to play with. You are so insightful, and are constantly asking questions. You love to hear about how an engine in a car works, and love to point out all of the fast cars we see while driving around. You even talk about the kind of car you are going to build when you get bigger!
You love going to church, and you listen so well in your class. You love to ride your bike, and play outside. Your trampoline is still a favorite! I think your favorite thing to play with though, is anything with wheels, that you can "drive" around the house. Hot wheels seem to go everywhere with you. Michael, you are the light of our lives, and our world is so much better, because you are in it. We love you so much!

We had such a fun day celebrating you! 

You started out the morning by eating a cupcake for breakfast! 
 Then got all of your Ninja Turtle gear on, and played!

I let you go ahead and open a present before Daddy got home. 
 You were so excited about your new George! He has quickly become one of your favorite shows to watch!

We had to run some errands, and George came along for the ride. You were so tired, you fell asleep!

 You requested ice cream sandwiches as a afternoon snack, and since it's your birthday, that is exactly what you got!
 After a snack, we went swimming at Grandma and Papa's house.

 When Daddy got home from work, you opened the rest of your presents! 
You were so excited about your remote control helicopter! 

 And about your new Movie, Cars 2!

 You and Daddy tried your helicopter out right away!
For dinner, you picked Waffle House! Whatever the birthday boy wants!
And all ready for bed in your new jammies and with your new George!

Happy Birthday Michael!
We love you!