Thursday, February 25, 2010

Walking to Hilton Head

In thinking about my walks, and trying to figure out how I would know how many miles I walked, I found this website. It helps you map out your walk, and know exactly how many miles you are walking. I mapped my neighborhood loop, and it is 1.15 miles. I think I need to make a bigger loop, if I am going to walk 280 miles by May 23rd.

My progress, so far, has been slow. I did walk the loop on Monday night, and that was when I came up with the idea. So, I'm counting those miles. Then Tuesday night, I had Bible Study, and last night it was raining and I went to the hospital to see my Mom. (She just had a hip replacement). So, I'm hoping to be able to walk today after work.

I've had some people join me on my "walks." My sister-in-law, Amy, will be walking with me in Florida, and my Aunt Shelly will be walking with me in California. Now, if I could only find someone to walk with me here. I would love a walking buddy.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Money Makeover and a New Computer

On Sunday, Andrew and I went and bought a new computer!! It's a Toshiba Satellite L505D-LS5006 2.0GHz, 320GB Hard drive, and 3GB DDR2 800MHz Memory. We got a great deal at Sam's Club. Our other computer is 8 years old, and it was definitely time to replace it. We weren't in a big hurry to buy a new computer until Andrew got me a Digital Scrapbooking program for Christmas. He didn't know it at the time, but the program was not compatible with our old computer, so in order for me to use my Christmas gift, we had to get a new one. About the same time, Andrew got on this Dave Ramsey kick. So, instead of just going and buying a new computer and putting it on the credit card, or doing a finance program with the store, he wanted to pay CASH!! This is not typical for us, especially not for big purchases. We have always been the people who pay cash for the little things, and use the credit card for the big things. Well, we've been saving for the past 2 months, and finally had the Cash to make the purchase. I am so glad that Andrew made me save up for the computer. It makes me appreciate it so much more. Now, I just need to figure out how to use my new scrapbooking program. Everything else about the computer I love so far. It is super fast, and really easy to use. So far, I haven't had any problems with Windows 7 either. I heard horrible things about vista, so I was a little worried, but so far, so good.

About the Money Makeover, we are making every effort to get our finances in order, so we can be completely debt free. This will be a long process, but I know it will pay off in the end. Has anyone else done the Dave Ramsey program? Did you like it, Did it work for you? We haven't attended any classes, but we have listened to the CD's and Andrew has read the book. (Which he got at the library, free of charge. How's that for saving money...) I'm not going to like not spending money, but I know it will all be worth it in the long run.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Husband wants me fat...

That could be the only reason he makes things like this:Made from scratch, Banana Pudding. I'm not kidding. He had yesterday off, and decided to try his hand at baking. Do I have a great husband, or what?
By the way, it was delicious!! Like you had to ask, just look at it!!

My New Goal

I've been thinking a lot lately about what I can do, to occupy my time, and keep my mind off of babies, and I think I have come up with a plan. I am going to "walk to Hilton Head." No, not literally, but over the next 3 months, I am going to walk the 280 miles it would take to get to Hilton Head. It is exactly 3 months until our vacation, so I figure, this will help pass the time while we wait for vacation, and it will help to get my butt in shape. I am going to track my progress on the top right column of my blog. So, check back, to see how much progress I've made.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend in Atlanta

This past weekend, Jennifer and I took off to Atlanta for her Birthday. Jessica couldn't come this time. She is 35 weeks pregnant and she had a baby shower with family on Saturday. We missed her so much! The drive down was uneventful, until we got about 5 miles from the Georgia line. Apparently, there is a sink hole in the right hand lane, and traffic starting backing up and we ended up sitting in traffic for close to an hour and a half. I found this picture on We finally arrived in Atlanta, and met Julie and Steve at Babies R Us. They had to pick up their crib, but it wouldn't fit in either of their cars, so I drove my suburban down, to transport the crib. After trying for a little bit, it finally fit very tightly in the back. I wish I had taken a picture, but I forgot. For dinner, we went to Olive Garden, and I got their new pansottis with sausage. It was so yummy. After dinner we went to Julie's condo and made brownies for Jennifer's birthday. That night, we stayed up late talking, and just hanging out.
Saturday morning, we woke up with one mission, to take Jennifer to get Chicken and Waffles. After driving around downtown Atlanta for 30 minutes, we finally found the restaurant, and there was a crowd of people waiting in line, so we decided to drive to the other location in Lithonia, GA and hoped it wasn't as crowded.
Well, we did have to wait, but only about 20 minutes. Jennifer and I ordered the "Midnight Train" which is 4 chicken wings and a waffle. Julie ordered chicken fingers and mac and cheese. She wasn't brave enough to try the chicken and waffle.

Here is the Birthday girl, enjoying her chicken and waffle.

Here's my plate...yummy!!

After lunch, we went shopping for a little bit.
Then it was time to go back to Julie's to pack our bags, and head home. The drive home was a lot better. There was hardly any traffic, and we made great time. We had such a good time in Atlanta, and am so glad we could go. Not sure how many more girls weekends we will have, since Jessica's little girl will be here in a month, and Julie's little boy will be here in 4 months. I am just grateful for the time we do get to spend together.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Another Snow Day

We have had more snow in the last month, then I have ever seen in South Carolina. It started snowing on Friday afternoon, around 4:30, and didn't stop until after midnight. We ended up with around 4 inches. Here are just a few pictures from around the front and back yard.
Of course, the temperature on Saturday was above freezing, so all of the snow was gone by Saturday night. But, it was pretty while it lasted.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here are the Valentine cards I sent out this year. Simple, and sweet. I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Out my back door

It started about 2 hours ago, and there is almost an inch on the ground. And it doesn't look like it will be stopping anytime soon. I know an inch isn't much, but it's a lot for South Carolina.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Sarah!

I stole this picture off of her Facebook 365 Project. But I don't think she'll mind.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I've Been Stampin' Up!

Over the past few weeks, I have made several cards. Here are just a few that I have made.

Kelly and Sarah came over today, and we worked on Valentine's cards, but I won't post those pictures until after I send the cards out. It was fun spending the afternoon with my sisters, and baby Elise. Elise is getting so big, and she is a sweet baby. Molly and Toby were very interested in what this small little thing was, but they did good, and were pretty well behaved for the most part. I wish I had taken some pictures.

I know my blog has been pretty pitiful lately, but I'm trying to work on posting more often. Any suggestions on what I should blog about??

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow Day Pictures

It snowed/iced this past weekend, and Clara was at my house spending the weekend with me. It was really neat to see snow through a child's eyes. It wasn't fun, however, to play in the snow at 6:30 am when she got up. She was so excited, she couldn't sleep. So she went outside and played, while I watched from the front porch in my pajamas and bathrobe. These pictures were taken later in the day after I had time to wake up and put on some real clothes. Molly and Toby were happy to have someone to play in the snow with too.
Here is a quick video of Clara sliding down my driveway.