Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Michael's Disney Planes Birthday Party

On the Saturday after Michael's birthday, we celebrated his birthday with a Disney Planes Party at the Big E. They do a great job with parties. I didn't have to do anything except to bring the cake and balloons. So easy!

The birthday boy with his birthday shirt

The invitation

Pretty basic set up

I found all the balloons on amazon

My mom made the cake

I made the cupcakes and found the toppers online

We had pizza, cake, cupcakes and ice cream.

 All the kids got to play in the play land and each got a $4.00 arcade card.

The party was till 1:00, but Michael wanted to stay and keep playing long after his guests had left. We had nothing else to do. So we stayed and played.

For his birthday, we told everyone that he wanted a trampoline and to either give him cash or a gift card to Academy Sports. This worked out so well, and he ended up with enough money to get trampoline that day. So while Michael was playing, I ran to Academy to buy the trampoline. When I was on my way home, Andrew and Michael left the Big E, and headed home so we could put the trampoline together.

Andrew's parents came back to our house, and his dad helped him put the trampoline together.

 Michael was so excited to have his trampoline put together.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Michael Turns 4!

(I am posting this 4 months late, but wanted to document it anyway)

Here is a recap of how we celebrated Michael's birthday.

The day started off with him opening his presents after he woke up. He got new Dusty pajamas, a Dusty shirt to wear at his party, a new Dusty cup, a Captain America Cup, and some candy and silly string.

 Well the silly string was a favorite! We ended up going through all three cans in about 5 minutes!

 Then it was time for breakfast at Waffle House, Michael's choice.

 After breakfast, Michael wanted to go to the playground, so that's what we did. Daddy had to head off to work, so it was just mommy and Michael.

After playing at the park, the birthday boy wanted to go swimming.

 Then it was time for lunch and a nap. He got to take a nap in Mommy and Daddy's bed as a special treat.

After nap time, we had to go babysit, but Daddy came to pick him up shortly after and took him for milk shakes at Sonic.

 After milk shakes, they went to Lowe's to walk around, and one of the ladies that works there gave him a birthday present!

Then they went to get pizza. They brought it home and watched a movie while they ate their pizza.

I think he had a great birthday, and it was a day filled doing whatever he wanted!

I still can't believe my baby boy is 4! Where has the time gone?