Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hot Dog Day at the Zoo

Every year, the Greenville Zoo has an event called Hot Dog Day.

They have hot dogs, drinks, chips, and ice cream all for 50 cents each. 

Since we have a zoo pass, I thought it would be fun to go to, and a really cheap activity for Michael. Becky and Leilani went with us, and we were all able to get in with my pass. 

It was a little rainy, but we still had a lot of fun.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

4th of July in Charleston

Jessica, all the kids, and I drove down on Wednesday, July third, to spend some time with Jennifer. It just worked out that we would be there for the forth.

We arrived around lunch time on Wednesday and just hung around Jennifer's house that day. We made a trip to the grocery store with all of the kids in tow, to buy what we would need for the next 3 days. We decided to eat all of our meals at home. Trying to take three kids out, wouldn't be fun for anyone. 

Thursday, the forth, we packed up the van, and headed to Isle of palms for the day. 
We brought a picnic lunch, and were prepared to stay for several hours. We even brought a baby pool for the Abby. It was a bit of a hassle, but ended up being a great idea. 
The kids did great at the beach, and had so much fun running in the waves and we got to sit in the ocean supervising. It was actually pretty relaxing. As relaxing as a trip to the beach with a three, two, and one year old. 

We didn't do anything exciting for the forth. It actually started raining in the afternoon, and rained most of the night. We grilled out hot dogs and hamburgers and had a lovely night in.

We put the kids to bed and we played Mexican train! We actually played every night after the kids went to bed and it got very competitive! 

Friday, it looked like it would rain, but we decided to go to the pool anyway.  The kids had so much fun at the pool, even when it started pouring! 

Saturday morning, we went to the pool again and then came home, ate lunch, packed the van and headed home. We wanted the kids to sleep most of the way home, and that is exactly what happened. 

We had so much fun with Jennifer and hopefully we can do it again next year.