Thursday, January 19, 2017

9 Months with Baby J

Baby J has been home for 9 months, and unfortunately we are no closer today, then we were 9 months ago to adopting him! Maybe someone is reading this, hoping to get more information about foster care adoption. If that is you, my first piece of advice to to be patient! Everything goes SLOW. EVERTHING!! But we are persevering, and hoping that one day, he will share our last name, and I will finally be able to share a picture of his precious little face!

In the past month, J has experienced his first Christmas with us and his first snow with us! Christmas was so much fun! He loved all of it, except for Santa!

He also loved the snow! He loved rolling around in it, and jumping in it! He and Michael had so much fun playing on the trampoline in the snow!

He loves bath time! He will stay in the bath for an hour and just play and play! His favorite toy in the bath is a cup! It really is the simple things!

We also started watching a new baby this month, who is only 2 months old. J does get a little jealous when I am feeding the baby, but that's the only time. He likes looking at him, and talking to him, but when I am feeding him, he tells me to put the baby in his bed! It's going really well though!

J has decided that going pee-pee on the potty is the most fun thing ever, and asks to sit on the potty all the time! And every time he sits on the potty, he actually goes! So, I take him potty, but am not starting to potty train. If he thinks it's fun, then we will do it, and maybe by the time I do potty train, he will be really easy to train! He also loves to flush the potty! When anyone goes to the bathroom, he runs in, so he can flush when we are done. He also cheers for me when I use the bathroom, and says, "Yay!! Mommy!! Pee-pee! Candy!" (He gets candy if he goes pee-pee on the potty)

Michael and J have really found their groove as far as getting along and playing well together. I think Michael being home for Christmas break really helped. They have so much fun together and Michael is doing great playing with him. It took him a while to figure out what to play with him, and how to play with him, since he is so much younger. But they love jumping on the trampoline together, and J loves riding with Michael in his go-cart! I love watching them together. So many answered prayers!

"I still remember praying for the things I have now!"

Hopefully we will be moving closer to adopting him by next month, but if not, we will keep on going. In our eyes, he is our son, and we will move mountains to make it official!