Thursday, January 9, 2014

#wolffpicaday2014 - Week 1

Here is week one of my #wolffpicaday2014

Day 1 - Spent the day playing at the new Big E play area.

Day 2 - I took down all of our Christmas decorations today, except for Michael's little tree. He wanted to keep it up.

Day 3 - This is what I saw when I got out if the shower this morning. Doing A little light reading.

Day 4 - Dinner with the Wolff family. Michael and Maggie had so much fun playing with his planes.

Day 4 (2) - bedtime stories with my baby and my fur baby. 

Day 5 - A great way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon, catching up on my Christmas scrapbook.

Day 6 - Story time at the library with Elise. This is the only computer he ever gets to use

Day 6 - And we made blue pancakes!!

Day 7 - He's Home!!! So happy to have @manscout_99 back home! It's been a long two weeks without him!

I really am loving taking a picture everyday. It's going to be nice to have these to look back on one day. 

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