Monday, March 20, 2017

11 Months with Baby J

11 Months! That is how long J has been in our home!! Almost a year!! He has come so far and made so much progress in the past 11 months!! 

I skipped last month kind of by accident, so here is a big update!

The first week of March was a big week for us. TPR happened, so now we are one step closer to getting to adopt him!! This is huge and we have been waiting since we got him for the court date!! 

He is growing so much in his vocabulary! He says probably 100 words, and can point out different objects with flash cards. He loves to do his flash cards! He is meeting all of his goals at Speech Therapy, and we are settting new goals. We are really trying to get him to say 2-3 word sentences rather than just one word at a time. He will get there, and probably sooner then we think! 

We have hit a nice groove during the day and he thrives on schedule and routine. He also does very well when he knows what to expect. The hardest times for him are when he is doing something and I stop him abruptly because we have to do something else. But if I give him a heads up, he handles changes much better. 

He is definitely in his terrible twos!! His favorite word to say is  "no", but that is also his least favorite word to hear. He has lots of temper tantrums throughout the day, and we are trying to figure out the best way to deal with them. Sometimes it is time out on the stairs, sometimes is is timeout in his bed, and other times it is sitting with mommy till he can calm down. We have tried lots of different things, and are still figuring things out. 

He is eating great and gaining weight. He is up to 26 pounds!! He will eat most anything we give him for dinner. Breakfast and lunch, I give him a choice and he likes to just snack during the day. He is mostly wearing size 18-24 month clothes. One warm days we will out on shorts, and the ones from last year still fit just fine. He is skinny, but getting a lot taller! We will be moving up to size 4 diapers very soon! 

He loves "Didle" (Michael) and asks about him all day! "Where Didle?" I hear that all day long! 

He also thinks that Daddy hung the moon! Anytime daddy does anything or give him anything, he remembers and tells me all day. Like the other day, Andrew changed the light bulb in J's closet, and he pointed out all day, "Daddy! Light!"  He sure does love his daddy! 

He still loves any balls! Loves his basketball goal and baseball bat/tee/ball. We went to a football game on Saturday and he loved watching them throw and kick the ball! He loves to ride his bike and loves the trampoline. He still drives his car all over the place and loves to race michael on his go cart. Basically, if he is outside, he is one happy boy! He asks all day to go outside. All Day!! When we are on our way home from getting michael, he starts asking about playing outside. It is definitely his happy place! 

He had his first sleepover this month! I went out of town to a conference and Andrew had to work all weekend, so the boys spent a night with my parents and then the next night with Andrew's parents. He did great!! He slept good and had so much fun!! It was a big relief that he was well taken care of and happy while I was gone. 

We took a trip to the children's museum a couple weeks ago and he had so much fun!! He loved all of it! But especially loved the big playground. 

We love him so much! And he makes us laugh everyday! We are so thankful to have him as part of our family! We can't wait to make it official!! 




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