Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Disney Bound

Sunday, Andrew and I are heading down to Orlando, FL to spend the week with Andrew's family at Disney World. A few years ago, my MIL decided that the summer of 2009 we would take a "Wolff Family Vacation." It is MIL and FIL's 35 year anniversary, Amy and Mike's 10 Year anniversary and Mine and Andrew's 5 year anniversary. The original plan was to go on a cruise, but MIL said, "If the Lord blesses us with a grandchild, then we will have to go to Disney World." Well, Maggie was born last July, so that meant our cruise plans went out the window, and Disney World was the new plan. Most people who know me, know that Disney isn't my favorite place, but I am definitely in the minority around the Wolff family. There are just so many other places in the world that I have never been to and would love to visit, and I have been to Disney multiple times. I know that I will enjoy it, and come home with wonderful memories. The part that I dread the most is the weather. Orlando, in the middle of July is going to be miserable: Hot & Humid! It's a good thing that there will be plenty of pools for me to lounge by. I will try to post pictures everyday.


Hawklady said...

let's hope it doesn't rain everyday!

kellyn2girls1boy said...

hope you have fun, if we were not going away next week, I would send Clara with you, she would love it.

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