Sunday, July 19, 2009

Disney Day 7

Our last day at Disney didn't start till almost noon. After staying up till 2:30 am the night before, we needed those extra hours of sleep. When we finally did get out of the bed, we went to the boat dock and rented a two person Sea Raycer. We rode all around Bay Lake and the Seven Seas lagoon. Our little boat did stall one time, and we had to enlist the help of one of the Lake Patrol officers. He got the boat started right away, and we were off to finish our lake cruise. After our boat ride, it was time for lunch, and the we hit the pool. It was an overcast afternoon, which was perfect for lounging by the pool. We both ended up falling asleep. Our dinner was in Morocco at EPCOT. I was a little nervous going into it, but ended up really enjoying the food. I got Chicken Couscous and Andrew got Roast Lamb Shank. There was a belly dancer that performed during dinner, I think Andrew enjoyed the entertainment more than I did. After dinner we went over to the Magic Kingdom to watch the fireworks. We rode Jungle Cruise while we were there too. After the fireworks, we sat on a bench and enjoyed our last night at Disney. Overall, the week was a great getaway, and we both enjoyed it. Thanks to Andrew's parents for a great vacation.

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