Friday, September 2, 2011

What a week...

Wow, this has been some week! I'm so glad to see Friday come.
Let's start with my poor Toby. On Tuesday I noticed he was very lethargic all day, and I could hardly get him to go outside. As we were sitting down to dinner, I was telling Andrew about it, and we noticed Toby just laying in the bathroom. All of a sudden he started shaking really bad, was drooling everywhere, and panting extremely hard. He also used the bathroom on himself. It scared us pretty bad, so I called the emergency vet, and told them what happened. They said we should bring him in, so we dropped Michael off at my parent's house, and we headed to the vet. By the time we got there, Toby was acting normal again, except for some tremors. The vet suggested we run some test, to check and make sure everything was OK, internally. All tests came back normal, except he does have a heart murmur. They are pretty sure that he had a seizure, and are guessing it was because of a head trauma he sustained as a puppy. By this time, it was almost 9:00, so we decided to go ahead and have them keep him overnight so they could monitor him, and make sure the tremors stop, or that he didn't have any more seizures. We swung back by my parents, picked up Michael and went home and put him straight to bed. Toby did great overnight, and was back to normal by the time I picked him up the next morning. 
Toby heading home
I think it was a long night for him. He was to sleepy!
I was hoping that would be the only excitement for the week. Well, I was wrong. Yesterday afternoon, Michael and I went shopping and he was being great, despite taking only a 1 hour nap. After making our rounds to Hobby Lobby and Kohl's, and stopping to see Daddy at work, we headed to Publix to do our weekly grocery shopping. Well, we get to the car with all of our groceries, load them up, put Michael in the car, and get ready to go, and my car won't start! WHAT!! I am so tired of having car troubles. It seems like it is something every week. The car wouldn't do anything, the locks wouldn't even work! So, I call Andrew and tell him what is going on, and he comes to rescue us. Michael and I go back into the grocery story and wait for him to get there. Michael was still being wonderful! One thing that can make a bad situation worse, is having a cranky baby. Andrew got there about 15 minutes later, and tells me he thinks it's the battery. I JUST PUT  A NEW BATTERY IN THE CAR LAST WEEK!!! How can it be the battery?? He hooks up my car to his with jumper cables, and my car at least attempts to start when they are hooked up. But it won't stay going. By this time it is almost 7:00, and I have got all of my groceries in the car, and I was just ready to call a tow truck. We load everything into Andrew's little truck, and decide he will come back later with my dad. If it is the battery, it is definitely still under warranty, so he will just another one. You should have seen us all crammed in the truck. Michael's car seat was in the front (It's OK, the truck doesn't have air bags) and I was stuck sitting in the little jump seat in the back. We get home, I put the groceries away, feed Michael and put him to bed. In the mean time, Andrew and my dad head back to the car, to see what they can figure out. Turns out, it was the battery. But it wasn't bad, it just wasn't hooked up tight enough. Thank you God for an easy fix. Andrew finally gets home around 9:00 and he gets to eat dinner.
I'm really hoping that was all of the excitement for the week. Sorry there aren't more pictures.
Here's to a great weekend!

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amelia said...

I hope this coming week will give you a break :)