Friday, October 7, 2011

What Michael has been up to...

Since Michael turned 1, I decided not to continue with the monthly updates. But, I have found myself missing writing them, and I also find myself thinking a lot, "That would be a good thing to write down on his monthly update." So I figured I will just do posts like this at random times, when there are some milestones to report.
Big Boy!
 So, at 14 months, here is what Michael is up to:
- He is talking up a storm. Of course, I think Andrew and I are the only ones that knows what he is saying. He has started trying to repeat words back to us, and is really working on becoming more and more verbal. Words he says that everyone can understand are: Dadda, Momma, Dog, All done,
- He is learning sign language, and is doing a great job. So far he knows how to say: All Done, milk, more, eat, cereal, and cookie. We haven't done many other words yet, so now that he has those down really well, we will start with a few more. When we are playing and it is close to meal time or snack time, he comes up to me and does the sign for eat. Also, we were sitting in a restaurant the other day waiting for our food, he kept signing eat. I guess he was hungry and didn't want to wait.
Doing a little light reading
 - He has also learned a few animal sounds. He knows what a cow says and what a monkey says. We are working on a bunch of others, but he hasn't picked any other ones up yet.
- One of his favorite activities is climbing the stairs. So, now we are trying to teach him how to go down the stairs without hurting himself.

Daddy and Michael playing with the gun daddy brought home.
Not sure who had more fun.
 - We finally made the transition from formula to whole milk. He seems to really like milk, and he drinks about 4 or 5 cups a day.
- Some of his favorite foods are: chicken, yogurt, cheese, mixed veggies, grapes,

Check out those eye lashes!
 - He loves to feed himself! Either with a spoon or a fork. As I long as we give it to him already on the utensil, he will feed himself really well.
- He sleeps great, when he is not teething. So, hopefully we will get back to sleeping through the night again. He has a favorite blanket that he sleeps with, and also a stuffed Mickey Mouse and a stuffed Monkey that he got for his birthday that he loves. Every morning when I go in to get him, he immediately shows me his blanket, and his stuffed animals.
Michael loved playing in this car at Coleman's house.
I think I know what he wants for Christmas
- Michael now has 12 teeth! He started teething again right after his birthday, and I could feel his molars were all swollen. After about 2 weeks, he got his top right one. Then about every 2 weeks, he has gotten another one. It took a long time, and a lot of sleepless nights, but he finally has all of his molars. They were by far the hardest on both Mama and baby. Please, can we have a break from teething now?
Michael and Coleman having fun in the car
- He is wearing size 18 months clothes. That is what size all of his winter clothes are, and some fit him great, and others are still too big. That means he should fit into them all winter long. I would hate to have to buy him more clothes in the middle of winter.
- We haven started letting Michael watch a little bit of TV, now that he is one. He only watches while we are at work, and it is usually Mickey Mouse Club House, Baby Einstein, or sesame street. Here is his favorite thing to watch:
He would watch this over and over and over. He loves the  music!

So, that is what Mr. Michael has been up to these past couple months. He is definitely a toddler now, no more baby :(

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