Monday, June 25, 2012

Cute Things My Kid Says

I wanted to make sure I wrote down some of the cute things Michael is saying, before I forget.

- "Watch Mommy..." He says this probably 50-100 times per day. And once Daddy gets home, it's "Watch Daddy..." After he says this, he then runs across the room, or jumps off something, or jumps on something, or throws something. If neither Andrew or I are in the room, I hear him say, "Watch Toby..." (Talking to the dog) I get such a kick out of him wanting the dogs to watch him.

- Covering his eyes with his hands, he says, "Where's Michael? Where's Mommy? Where's Toby?" And then when he takes his hands away, he either says, "Peek-a-boo" or "I see you"

- He loves to bend over and touch the ground, while keeping his legs straight, and then look through his legs behind him, to see what he can see. When one of us is behind him, he says, "I see you!"

- He can hear a motorcycle coming a mile away. And when he hears it, he yells, "MOTORCYCLE!" but it comes out more like, "mocicycle" which is really cute.

- He also has a fascination with "Big Trucks." A big truck can be anything from a pick up truck to an 18 wheeler. Anytime he sees a truck, he yells "Big Truck!"

- We are working on our colors a lot lately, and he is doing great! He knows, and can identify Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Brown, White, and sometimes Black and Orange. Purple he has a hard time with. Well, one night at dinner we were pointing out colors and he looks at Andrew and says, "Daddy, White." Well, Andrew had a white shirt on, and that is what he was talking about. Then he looks at me and says, "Mommy, White." I also had a white shirt on. It was very funny, because our shirts were the only thing he knows as white.


linda said...

He is a real Southerner when he says "Watch this"
Love him to much !!

Jill P. McCormick said...

Hey Katie! I know that you like consignment sales. There is a HUGE consignment sale this coming week. Clothes, toys, etc. for kids. Go to this website to read more about it.
Since I've had Madalyn I've gone to this sale and have gotten some really great stuff. I'm coming home this week to go it. Just wanted to share with you. Jill

Katie said...

Thanks so much Jill! I have never heard of this one. It looks great. I will have to check it out!