Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas was so much fun this year. Michael understands more and more, and really got into opening presents. We had our nativity set out for several weeks, and would read books every night about baby Jesus. It was so cute how he said Joseph. He would say, Jofuph.  We also did an advent calendar with him each night. He got to open little doors, and got a piece of Chocolate  He would ask me several times each day, if he could "read the book?" referring to the advent calendar.

The week leading up to Christmas, I had the flu, so I am so glad that I had everything already bought and wrapped before hand. The flu is miserable, and I was completely useless for 5 days. Thankful, I have the best child in the world, and he was so great while I laid on the couch every day.

Christmas eve we spent with Andrew's family. Michael refused to put clothes on, but I was able to talk him into at least wearing his Christmas pajamas.
 Santa stopped by, and Michael wasn't really impressed, until he gave him a present, than Michael willingly sat on his lap to open it.

Checking out his new toys

To Infinity, and Beyond!
 This was the year of buzz lightyear. Michael got so many Buzz Lightyear toys. But seeing how "Buzz and Woody" is his favorite movie, he was pretty excited about the new toys.

Christmas morning we were home, and Michael jumped right in. 

He loves his race track!
Happy with his Buzz
 His big present this year was a ride on motorcycle.
I know it's blurry, but this was his reaction to opening his motorcycle
Well, Michael was less than thrilled with it after he took it for a ride and fell off. He actually said, "I don't like it, I don't want it." He did warm up to it a little bit the next day, and took it for a ride. But he hasn't ridden it much. We thought he would love it, since he is obsessed with motorcycles.

 He does, however, love the little motorcycle that was in his stocking.

Our little family

Watching his new movie with his Two Buzz Lightyears

Christmas afternoon, we went over to Becky's house for the Cox family gathering. The kids had a blast playing together, and Santa even showed up.

Santa got a little choked on his beard, so he had to take it off.

We had a wonderful Christmas, and feel so blessed.


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