Tuesday, July 19, 2016

3 Months With Baby J!

Yesterday marked three months since Baby J came home! 
We finally had family pictures taken and I love how they turned out! Just wish I could share more of them! 
J continues to be a ball of energy! I call him my little tornado! He is into everything and doesn't stop all day! 

We went to his speech therapy evaluation last week and they do want to start seeing him on a weekly basis. As far as understanding goes, he does great. He just doesn't say more than 5 words. He babbles a lot, but not many words. 

He wants to be just like Michael! After Michael went pee outside, J went over to the same spot and dos that! ⬆️ 

Also, anything Michael is playing with, J wants and he wants to be with Michael doing whatever he is doing. 

Sleep is still good! He does have a few nights a week that he does not want to go to sleep and fights it hard. But once he is asleep, he is out all night. Then there are other nights when he falls asleep really easy but then is up in the middle of the night wide awake. Not screaming, but happy and talking and ready to play! I have started keeping a journal of what he eats during the day and his schedule to see if there is any coronation between it all. 

He loves the water! Anytime we are outside, he heads straight for the baby pool and is in it quicker than I can stop him, clothes and all! He loves the big pool too, and just walks off the side into the pool, with me catching him! 

He's eating great! And eating new things all the time. He will try anything once and if he likes it, will keep on eating. We discovered he LOVES blueberries! Like will eat an entire carton in one sitting!! 

He has also started drinking pediasure to help him gain weight. And it is working! He is getting a little chub on him and is growing taller too! 

His hair is getting so long and a lot thicker! I'm getting close to being ready to cut it! It is so crazy if I don't do anything to it! 

Three months isn't that long of a time, but it feels like he's been here a lot longer. We are so blessed to have him our lives! 

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linda said...

You really get some good pictures. My dad says that when he sees your pictures J always has something over his face, I had to explain to him why. praying that we can all see all of J soon