Wednesday, October 19, 2016

6 Months with Baby J!

I say this every month, but I can't believe it has already been 6 months! J is doing great!

We have had a busy, fun month! We took A trip to Strawberry Hill to see the animals, and also took a trip to the pumpkin patch in Hendersonville. 

We are working on helping J to not be so grumpy and whiney and think the root of that is sleep, or in his case not enough sleep. So, he has been going to bed an hour earlier, but he still wakesup the same time. That extra hour of sleep seems to be helping! He is sleeping better and longer and is happier most of the day! He also taking better naps too! 

He is eating a little more these days, but still would rather run around then stop to eat. 
    (yes, he is drinking salsa from a straw!)

He loves when Lucy comes to play, and gets so excited when she gets here! He is going to miss her when she moves next month!
      (Yes, that is a pig, in my front yard!)

He had a checkup at the ENT, and actually had the start of an ear infection. We got some antibiotics and stopped it before it had a chance to bother him! 

He loved the cows at strawberry hill! 

He Loved all of the pumpkins! 

He sits for longer periods of time playing with one thing now. Still not extended periods, but longer than before. He really likes his little farm. 

When I am cooking, he has to be right next to me. So, he gets his little chair and brings it in to stand on. 

I also let him help with mixing stuff up! 

After making cookies, he sat right in front of the oven watching them bake!
He had a blast at the pumpkin patch! 

Riding the cow train. 
Checking out the giant bear!

Trying to pick up the pumpkins. 

Seeing how big he is!
It will be neat to see how much he will grow by next year!

His favorite person is Michael! He asks about him all day and is so excited when it is time to go get him from school. When I show him pictures of Michael drying the day, he yells his Name and laughs! He loves his brother!

He is in the terrible twos and it is wearing me out. Temper tantrums, throwing things, hitting, biting! It's a lot, but we are working through it all just one melt down at a time. 

He makes me laugh and brings our family so much joy! 

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