Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Baby J is 21 Months Old!!

Baby J, you are 21 months old! You are getting so big and are so close to turning 2!
This month you did a lot of the same stuff as last month.So not much new to report.

You are sleeping great, now that we are putting you to bed earlier! You have even slept a few 14 hour nights!! Crazy! Also, your naps are getting longer too! Maybe you are having a growth spurt, or you just are getting more and more comfortable here and relaxing more. Whatever it is, we are loving the extra sleep you are getting, and I think you are loving it too!

You are up to 24 lbs! and 33 inches tall! You have grown 5 inches since coming home!!That means you are in the 29% for weight and 30% for height!! Way to go! When you came to us, you were in the 5% for both!

Food is still hit or miss, but that is a toddler thing, so I expect it. I just offer you lots of options, and hope you will eat something. You do love your milk (pediasure) and I'm sure that is why you are growing so much!!

You still aren't talking much, but your speech therapist says you are making good progress. She just wishes you would say more actual words. We will keep working on it. I started working with you to learn your colors, and it seems like a lost cause. You really don't have any interest in them.

We have discovered something that you like to watch on TV. ABC Mouse videos! They are on youtube, and you want to watch the same 5 over and over! I keep trying to add more, but you still just want the same 5. But these songs are helping you say a few more words. Like, "fell, bed, jump, over, (5 little monkeys jumping on the bed, 10 in the bed) so that's good!

Your favorite place to be is outside! You would spend all day outside, blowing bubbles!!
We love you more and more everyday and are so much fun!

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linda said...

Love Baby J, even seeing his little hand prints all over my house on furniture and windows, he is the baby of the family right now. Love Love Baby J