Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Five!

In honor of being at the beach this weekend, what five things do you enjoy doing at the beach?

1. Watching the sun set

2. Eating lots of good food

3. Sitting on the beach, listening to the waves

4. Playing in the waves

5. Napping

How about you?


Hawklady said...

1. Playing in the waves
2. Eating good food
3. hmmmm that's about it, maybe that's why I like to just stay home :)

Sara said...

1. sitting all day in one of those short chairs right where the waves come up.... of course you have to move it as the tide comes in and out..

2. enjoying an "easy-read" women's novel (NOT a sleezy-read, mind you) while sitting in one of those short chairs.

3. when your hynie falls asleep, walking down to the pier and back, collecting shells and sand dollars..

4. when it gets too hot, floating in the water - every once in a while body surfing a wave

5. when you get hungry, head back to the condo/hotel room for a big sandwich, pringles, and cold crisp red grapes. (don't change out of your suit, of course)... quickly go back out to the beach...

6. when you get back to the beach, building a sand castle/mermaid/turtle/shark until your exhausted and ready to..

7. take a nice shower, put clean clothes on and, with your loved ones and your boiling sunburn, go eat lots of seafood at an overpriced but delicious restaurant.... collapse into a coma of sleep

8. do it all over again the next day!!

Oh man, it was only supposed to be 5! whoops... you can tell i really need a beach vacation! what a great post, katie - hope you guys have a fantastic time!

Sara said...

you made me want to post a blog about the beach... you are truly my inspiration, katie :)

Mother Michele said...

1. Looking for shells
2 Swimming in the ocean
3. Getting a Giant Corn Dog from the Boardwalk
4 Taking a nap next to my honey
5. Thinking about the awesomeness of the sea and that God created all that.