Thursday, September 25, 2008


Very rarely do I get in a shopping mood, but last night I was in one. I started at Wal-Mart, because I had to get some ingredients for a dip I'm making on Friday. (I'll post the recipe for that later) I have been wanting a new pair of brown shoes, so I headed off to the Shoe Department, not thinking that I would find anything, and I found these!
I think they are super cute. And you will never guess what kind they are! Dr. Scholls. I thought Dr. Scholls only made "Grandma" shoes, but I was wrong. Well, I couldn't buy new shoes without new socks, so I headed over to the sock dept. and found some really cute brown socks to go with my new cute brown shoes. After leaving Wal-Mart, I thought to myself, "I need some new pants to go with the new shoes," so I made my way to the mall. I happen to have an Ann Taylor Gift card, so that was my first stop. I really wanted some Khaki pants, but they didn't have any that I liked. But they did have these really cute dark jeans. They fit great and I can wear them to work. So, of course I needed a new shirt to go with the pants, that go with the shoes. I only tried on one, and I really like it. It is a nice fit, and I think is flattering. I don't own many brown shirts, so I thought my wardrobe could use one. After paying for my clothes at Ann Taylor, I headed to the Bra and Pantie store. They had their bras buy one get one 50% off. So, I got two. They also had some panties on sale for .99 cents each. So I got a few new pairs of panties. (I know...TMI.) Walking out of the store, with my purchases in hand, I was happy. There is something to be said for Retail Therapy. It works!


kellyn2girls1boy said...

Sounds like you had a good time. Can't wait to see your new outfit. I can't believe you bought grandma shoes ha ha ha.

grandma said...

hey, this is grandma, I LUV your new shoes!!!