Friday, November 20, 2009

Operation Christmas Child

Every year, Andrew and I pack shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Wednesday night, we went shopping for our boxes, and came home and filled them.
We discovered that we had bought too much stuff, and ended up filling a third box. I have the same problem every year, I want to put so much in, and the box just isn't big enough. But you would be amazed at what all you can fit in a shoe box.

It is the least we can do for Children around the world, who don't have anything. I encourage everyone to go out this weekend and pack a box. It doesn't cost that much money, and you will make a difference in the life of a child. The final day to turn in your boxes is Monday, November 23rd. Go Here and you can find out all of the details. They have a new feature this year, where you can track your package, and find out what country it ends up going to. How neat is that. All you have to do, is make your donation on line, instead of including it in your box, and they give you a bar code to print out and tape to your box. When the box reaches it's destination, it gets scanned, and you get an e-mail saying where it was sent.
Go check out my Mom's blog, and see all the boxes they collected at her work. AMAZING!

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Alaire (my pen name) said...

zomg my youth group is doing that too!!! woo operation christmas child!!! XD