Monday, August 15, 2011

Such a Big Boy!

Michael has started branching out a lot more lately when it comes to food. He is eating almost all table food, and really liking it.

Last week, we had fried chicken, so I was cutting some off the bone for Michael and he loved it. But apparently I wasn't giving it to him fast enough so Andrew handed him the whole leg. Michael then proceeded to chew on the chicken leg for the next 10 minutes. He is definitely a southern boy!
Also, Michael has decided that he can feed himself, and doesn't need my help. How did he get so big, so quick?
He does a great job getting the spoon to his mouth, and the food into his mouth. He hasn't figured out how to get the food onto his spoon from the bowl yet. But that will come in time.
He is very proud of himself!
Now if we could just get him to eat fruit and veggies that aren't pureed. He really doesn't like the slime factor.

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Alaythea said...

When Gianna was little I'd clean off a chicken bone at restaurants and she'd chew on it forever especially when she was teething! She loved it!