Monday, May 7, 2012

21 Months

21 months! We have gone from saying his age in months, to either, "1 1/2" or "almost 2" when people ask how old he his. I really can't believe how fast these 21 months have flown by. Here is what Michael is up to this month:

- He has grown another 1/2 inch, which puts him at 33.5 inches.
- He is talking, talking, talking. Mostly he talks in 2-3 word sentences instead of just saying random words. It won't be long until he will be able to have a conversation with us.
- He isn't eating much these days. He loves eating Applesauce, because he can feed himself. He does really well spoon feeding himself, and doesn't really make too much of a mess. I'm actually really impressed how well he is doing. He also loves cheese, Peanut butter sandwiches, and strawberries.
- I have been renting the Baby Signing Times movies from the library, and he loves them. He goes around singing the theme song, and signing the theme song too!
- We got the baby pool out yesterday, and so far, Michael loves it. I knew he would, since he loves bath time so much.
- Everything else is about the same. He is just so sweet, and so funny, and all of the little stuff is what makes him such a wonderful little boy!

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