Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Potty Talk

Every night, before bed, Michael sits on the potty. We have done this for several months, and usually he just sits there and laughs. At fist we were keeping his diaper on him, but then I started taking his diaper off of him, so he would start making the connection. Well, while I was in the bahamas, he went pee on the potty! I was shocked! I couldn't believe it. He only did it once, so on Friday night when we were putting him to bed, I didn't really expect anything. But he sure did surprise us by going pee and poop on the potty! I was speechless! I decided that I would start putting him on the potty when I change his diaper, just to see what happens. Well, Saturday evening, at Andrew's parents house, I put him on the potty and he went pee! Then Sunday afternoon he went pee and poop again on the potty. He also went pee Sunday after he got out of the swimming pool at my parents house. He has gone pee on the potty once everyday since.

I wasn't planning on potty training till after we get home from vacation in September. And even then I wasn't sure. He will have just turned two in August, and my mom says the magic number is 2 1/2. But now I'm not sure what to do. I guess it's just one of those things we will have to play by ear. But for now, we will take it slow, and see what happens day to day.

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Amanda said...

Congratulations!! I hope this process goes well for my little boy in a couple years...