Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Finley Katie

Finley Kate
 So on Sunday, we were planning on going to the beach, since Michael loved looking at the Ocean when we were on vacation. Julie called us and said she was having contractions. Not really sure if it was the real thing or not, since she still had 3-4 weeks until her due date. We told her we would come over  to sit with her, until Steve got home from church. Well, while we were on our way, she called us back to say that her contractions were about 3 minutes apart, and once we got there, they were headed to the hospital, so we had to stay with Coleman at the house. They arrived at the hospital at 11:45 am and baby Finley made her debut at 12:30! Talk about fast!! We couldn't believe it! I am so excited that I was there and able to see the baby right after she was born!

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amelia said...

Congratulations!! she's beautiful