Friday, September 20, 2013

Catchin' up on my Scrappin'

Over the last month, I have been busy catching up  on my scrap books. 

After I posted all of my blog posts from our Disney trip, I was in the scrapbooking mood. I had already printed all of our pictures, so I just had to lay them all out and get them into an album. 

First, I lay out the pictures and figure out how many pages it is going to be. When i finished putting pictures on all 23 pages, then I pick the paper and crop the pictures. Then it's time to tape the pictures down. 

After all of the pages are done, then I go back and add any embellishments to the page. That includes using my cricut to add any "headings" on the page. The last thing I do is add my journals. I do these on the computer. I just measure how big of a space I left, then make a text box that same size. Then type in what I want to say. 

For me, this is easier than hand writing it in. I can change the font type and size to accommodate how much room I have. I print them on card stock and then tape them on the page. 

I have a great system that works well for me. I primarily worked on it while Michael was napping each afternoon. 

Now, my Disney album is all ready for me to add to it when we get home from our trip in October. Yes, we are going back. 
These are just a few of the pages. 

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