Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hawaii Vacation Day 8 - Battleship Tour and lots of rain

Sunday morning we were up bright and early. Andrew was off to tour the Missouri Battleship and Michael and I were going to spend the day at the resort, relaxing.

Here are some pictures Andrew took on the Battleship.

Michael wanted to go back to Auntie's Beach house, so I took him around 9, but the secure check-in didn't start till 9:30. So, he had to have me tag along with him for the first 30 minutes.

At 9:30, I checked him in, and I went to apply some Disney gift cards to our bill at the front desk. Then I went and found our photopass pictures, and had them put on our card. I also went and made a lei at the community hall.

They have the supplies laid out every day, and you can just go in and make one whenever you want.

We were supposed to be having family pictures taken later that evening, so I though a fresh lei would look nice in the pictures. After all of that, I went to the beach to get some sun.
The flew over while I was sitting on the beach

Around 11:30, I went to get Michael so we could eat some lunch, and he could take a nap. He was not too excited to see me, and did not want to leave Auntie's. But when I got there, he was almost asleep playing the wii, so I knew he needed a nap.
We grabbed some lunch fro ulu's cafe, and ate it in the room.
Michael laid down to take a nap, and was out quick!

It had started raining during his nap, but just a sprinkle. He woke up super grumpy from his nap, and didn't want to do anything. He finally said he wanted to watch a movie, so we went down to rent a movie, and while we were looking, Andrew walked in. He said it had started raining harder, and that he coming to get a movie, before everyone that was leaving the pool decided to do the same thing. 

We got up to the room and it started to POUR!! And Pour and Pour!! So we sat watching a movie, and praying that the rain would stop, so we could have our pictures taken.
After the movie, Michael wanted to go back to Auntie's so I took him there, and Andrew napped.
I watched another movie and got more and more sad that we wouldn't be taking any pictures.

So much rain - you couldn't even see the ocean!
Well, the rain finally stopped, but it was 7:00 by then and too late for pictures! I was so sad that we wouldn't be getting our pictures taken on the beach in Hawaii. I had arranged the photo shoot several months in advance, and we were supposed to do them on Wednesday, but the photographer had to cancel. We rescheduled, and didn't think it would be an issue. But we were wrong.

We went and picked Michael up from Auntie's so we could go eat dinner. On the way, this is what appeared in the sky! It was beautiful, and helped cheer me up out of my funk.

We had heard great things about Monkey Pod, so we walked across the street for some dinner.

We were not impressed at all with monkey pod. We had to wait 45 minutes for a table, so we walked over to the ABC store and did some shopping while we waited. I got some t-shirts and chocolate covered macadamia nuts for my parents. We walked back to the restaurant and still waited another 15 minutes for our table. Our buzzer finally went off, and we got seated. This was the first restaurant we encountered that was shockingly overpriced! The service was mediocre and then we got our food, and realized it was even more overpriced then we originally thought. The food was good, but the portions were so small. And we had to pay $3.75 for a kids drink!! We were not impressed at all.

After dinner we went back to the ABC store, because they have a Dole Whip machine! For $3.99 you can fill a bowl with as much dole whip as you want! Best dessert ever!

Then it was time for bed. We were leaving the next day, so we had entered our last day of vacation depression.

Up next, Soaking up as much of Hawaii as we can and Will we make it to the Airport on time??

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