Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Year In Review

2014 was a great year! We traveled. We celebrated birthdays and anniversaries. We enjoyed being a family of 3.

Decided to try taking a picture everyday and post it on Instagram.

My grandma passed away. I was unable to attend the funeral, but she will be greatly missed. I'm happy that she and my Grandpa are together again in heaven.

Went with my mom and nieces to Tennessee for a little girls weekend.

Had an incredible vacation in Hawaii

Celebrating our 10th anniversary

Spent a few days at Edisto Beach with family, and Jennifer.

Michael turns 4 and we celebrate with a Disney Planes party at the Big E.

I turned 32 and went ice skating to celebrate!

Michael had his first sleep over at Grandma and Papa's house, in preparation for spending the week there, while Mommy and Daddy were on a cruise.

Andrew and I booked a last minute cruise to the Caribbean, and Michael got to stay home with Grandma and papa.

Celebrated Christmas with all the family.

Andrew turned 34

I successfully took a picture a day, everyday during 2014. #wolffpicaday2014
Here is a video of all of the pictures!

And, I am going to do it again for 2015. Follow me on Instagram to see all my pictures.

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Nancy said...

Looks like a great year! So glad I could read about your adventures in Hawaii...we are there in 8 weeks! :)