Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Afternoon 2014

On Christmas afternoon, we went over to Becky's house to celebrate with my family. There are 12 kids, and 13 adults! It was crazy!!
We had appetizers to eat, and the kids played, then it was time for presents!

The only way we get the kids to all sit together like this is to bribe them with the presents!

After pictures, Grandma and Papa handed out their stockings, and ornaments. They all get a new ornament every year. Michael's was a big dump truck!

Michael got a voice changer in his stocking! Highly annoying!

He was very excited about his new flashlight!
 After stockings, we let the kids hand out the presents they bought for their cousins. Each kid picked a name, and bought that person a gift. Leilani picked Michael's name, and she got him a Batman costume!! He loved it, and put it on immediately!

Things get so crazy, that I just had to take a picture of the chaos!

After cousin gifts, Grandma and Papa handed out what they got everyone. Michael got this giant Dusty plane that talks, and he was flying it everywhere! 

I got a fuzzy new blanket and a gift certificate for a massage! Andrew got bullets, a survival kit, a t-shirt and some beef jerky. 

It's always so much fun being with everyone!

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