Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Morning 2014

Christmas morning was wonderful! It is so fun to watch Michael take in the magic of everything.

He woke up around 8:30 and ran in our room asking if he could go look under the tree to see if Santa came. I quick grabbed my phone, and followed him, so I could record his reaction. He is such a serious child, and doesn't make any over the top expressions, and Christmas morning was no different. A sweet little smile crept onto his face when he saw the presents, and then quickly bent down, to try and grab one of the presents. I quickly stopped him and told him we needed to wake up Daddy first.  So, he ran back upstairs to get Daddy, and then all tree of us came back down stairs to open presents. 

All ready to open presents
 Before we opened presents, we read the Christmas story, and made sure Michael understands why we get to celebrate Christmas, and why we get presents.
Reading the Christmas Story
 After the story, he dove right into his stocking.
Opening his stocking
 Then it was onto the bigger gifts.
Iron Man!
 This Iron Man doll was a total impulse buy, after I was done with all of his shopping. But I am so glad I bought it, because it is one of his favorite gifts!
Opening his new Spin Car!!
 Michael saw this remote control car in Costco several months ago, and talked about it constantly. So we went back and bought one for him, and just held onto it for a couple months. He loves it!! And it really is a cool car. Mommy and Daddy have a lot of fun playing with it too!

He also got some hot wheels cars, and some Disney Cars, cars, Candy Land, and a new watch! He thinks the watch is so cool, and shows it to everyone!

Santa dropped by Christmas morning, because he "forgot" to leave one of Michael's presents the night before. 

Opening his present from Santa, a bow and arrow!
With Santa!

Trying out the new Bow and Arrow

Our little family
We had a great morning, and Michael got to play with all of his new toys. We had to leave around 1 to visit family, so we all took showers and got dressed and made our way to Greenville. 

Up next, Christmas Afternoon with the  Cox Family!

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