Sunday, October 18, 2015

Michael's Field Trip to the Farm

On Friday, Michael had his very first field trip! They went to Black's Peaches in York, SC. I was lucky enough to be able to go with him! It was a fun day of learning all about the farm. 

First stop, learning about sunflowers. 

They got to hold one, smell it, and even pick a seed out of it. 

The next stop was the animal barn. We saw goats, chickens, a horse and a cow.

The kids got to pet the horse too!

After the animals, we went to the Milking Varna to learn how to milk a cow! 

This is Michael with his partner for the day, Elyse! 

And here is Michael milking a "cow"! 

Next up was the Hayride! That is what all of the kids were super excited about! 

After the hayride, the kids went through the hay bale maze. 

After going through the maze a couple of times, it was time to learn about how cotton grows. 

And go on the slides!

Then it was play time. They had a tire "dragon" to play on and some swings made from hay bales. 

Then it was story time in the three little pigs house! But the pigs had to stay outside! 

After story time, we learned all about corn. It's amazing how many products have corn in them! 

Checking out the corn husk tee-pee. 

The last activity for the day was the corn maze. The kids got through it very fast. 

They were all so hungry and ready for lunch! At school, they eat lunch at 10:30, and by this time it was already 12:30. So, after the maze, we headed up to the barn for lunch. Then it was time to head back to school. Michael chose to ride the bus back, cause that was much more fun then my van! 

We had a great day, and in so glad that I was able to too! 

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