Saturday, August 20, 2016

4 Months with Baby J

Baby J has been home for 4 months now! 

He keeps us laughing, that's for sure!! 

Generally, he eats great, but lately he has gotten a little picky. 

He loves Michael so much and wants to be with him all the time! Michael is good about playing with him most of the time, but sometimes he wants to be left alone! 

He got his first hair cut this month!! He did great! We left the curls, but cut the mullet! 

He still loves the water and was really sad he couldn't go on the big water slides at the water park! 

He has been in speech therapy for a month now, and is doing great! When he started he was only saying 5 words, but now he is up to 16!  He loves going and has so much fun while he is there!

He really couldn't care less about TV. Which makes me happy, but every once in a while he will sit with Michael while he watches a movie on his kindle. 

He loves his mama! And I love him! But he also loves daddy! And funny enough, in the middle of the night, Andrew can get him to go right back to sleep, where if  I walk in, he thinks it is play time and doesn't want to go back to sleep. 

He is my little daredevil! If he can climb it, he will. Then he will stand on it and jump off! 

He has started reading books a lot lately. Up until this point, he has had zero interest in books. 

He continues to be a blessing to our family! Some days are harder then other days, but I wouldn't trade the hard days for anything, if it meant not having him in our lives! 


Jadea said...

Love love love you all of you...Kristin, Michael and kids

linda said...

I think you should mention that he is learning sign language as well as learning new words. He is pretty good at it too. Love this boy and I am thankful for him and the joy he has brought to the family.