Sunday, August 28, 2016

Baby J is 19 Months Old

You are 19 months old now!! I can not believe it! 

You love your brother! And want to play with him all the time! Whatever he is doing, you want to be doing it too! 

You love your daddy too! Anytime the phone rings, he starts saying "Daddy! Daddy!" The same thing happens when the dogs bark at something outside. You think daddy is home from work and go running to the door! 

You are getting big! You weigh 22 pounds and are 31 inches tall! 

You moved up to some 18 month clothes, but still can wear 12 months too. Just not one piece outfits/jammies.

You are getting more picky with what you like to eat. It's a good thing you like the pediasure and drink 2 cans a day! 

Over the past couple of weeks you have discovered how great books are! You ask to read books all the time now! 

You have no interest in movie or tv. When Michael is watching something, you just a run around playing. 

You love music and ask to listen to it all the time. And by ask, you point to the radio in the kitchen and start dancing. You are a great little dancer! 

You love speech therapy, and Miss. Gina! You are making huge strides in your speech. You are up to more than 20 words! Your dr says you will probably get kicked out soon, since you are doing so well. But Miss. Gina says not if she can help it. She loves you!

Words you can say: Mama, Daddy, cheese, door, cracker, fish, no, yes, uh huh, doggy, juice, water, chair, ball, car, bubbles, shoes, poop, hat, cold, hot, more, boo-boo, what's that?, I don't know

You love to be outside! The sandbox is your favorite, but the wagon and car are a close second. You also love the trampoline, as long as Michael isn't jumping too big on it with you! 

We have managed to get you to use your binky less and less. We don't ever have it out around the house and it stays strictly in your crib and diaper bag. Car rides you still use it, unless you are in a fantastic mood. We do let you have it at church, since that is still a pretty hard place for you. 

Speaking do church, we have taken you out of nursery for the time being. You would have pretty good days in the nursery, but we discovered that on Sunday nights, you were having a really hard time going to bed. Lots of tears and not wanting mommy to leave the room, or even put you down. We decided the two were probably connected, and kept him out this past Sunday and bed time went a lot easier. No screaming! 

You are such a cutie and you make us laugh all the time! We love having you as part of our family! 

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linda said...

WE certainly feel like Baby J has been with us forever at this point !! Love for him to come visit and I really do think I will get him a dog food container for Christmas, LOL