Friday, February 10, 2017

Baby J is 2!!

On January 26, our little J turned 2! We had a great day celebrating his birthday! This was our first birthday to celebrate with him!

 J and I went and picked out some balloons for him. He loved playing with them, and they are still floating around the house being played with!

When Michael got home from school, we let J open his presents! He got a new guitar which he loves!

He also got a basketball goal! Both boys love this! We've had to bring it back inside on cold days. He woke up the next morning asking to go outside to play "ball ball".  His two favorite things. Outside and balls!

(Just a side note, but since Daddy carried in the basketball goal, J thinks that it was from Daddy. So when we talk about his birthday, he always says, "Daddy, Ball ball!")

He is actually really good! I see many sports in his future!

We brought it outside and they played forever with it!

For dinner that night, we got pizza and I bought some little cupcakes!
His favorite thing was blowing out the candles! He did it over and over and over! Like 20 times!

The next day, he got to open his present his "Middle mama" sent him! Wow is he spoiled! But he loves his car, and rides it every day it isn't raining! He follows Michael around on his go cart! Two boys driving around the yard! (He also says daddy got this for him too, since Daddy was the one bringing it out of the garage!)

On Saturday morning, we had a little family party for him at Chick-fil-a. We did a jungle animal theme, because that is what he picked out!

Not the best picture, but as good as it gets. 

Here is the birthday boy ready to blow out his candle!

Proud Mama and Daddy!

J, we love you so much and are so proud of how you have grown! You are 2 years old now! 
You still don't say a lot of words, but you make sure we understand what you want/need. You still love going to speech therapy once a week. Ms. Gina is your favorite! We are trying to get you to start saying two word sentences. I'm sure you will start talking when you are ready.
You love Michael, and ask all day long where he is! When he gets home from school, you are so excited to have him home to play with! 
Your appetite changes on a daily basis. Some days I can't feed you enough, and some days, you don't want anything to eat. Cheese, yogurt, milk, hot dogs, spaghetti, crackers, cereal bars, and fruit snacks are your favorites! Any snack type food you will eat also. 
But you are growing and gaining weight. You are 33" and about 25 lbs. We go to the doctor next week, so we will get a definite measurement. 
You are able to play by yourself more and more these days, which gives mommy time to get stuff done around the house, other than when you are napping. 
You still love mommy the most, but Daddy is a close second. 
You are doing much better with the church nursery. I still have to go with you, but last week, you went by yourself for about 10 minutes. Maybe by the time you are ready to go by yourself, it will be time to move up to the 2 year old class. (In August)
You tried to climb out of your crib the other week, but I caught you while you were still straddling the railing. We made sure you knew that was a no-no, and I haven't seen you try again, and You haven't come down the stairs after we put you to bed, so I don't think you have tried again. But I know you will...
Mimi gave you money for new shoes for your birthday, so we went the day of your party to go find some. You walked in wearing a size 5 and walked out in a size 7! Sorry buddy, I'm sure your feet were all cramped in your old shoes!
Most of your clothes are size 18-24 months. But I know you are growing, because some of your pants are starting to get too short!  

This is my last monthly post, but will still be updating on the adoption, and how he is doing in our home post placement. 

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Jill P. McCormick said...

Happy Birthday to Baby J! Two is sure exciting and busy. Alexis is also enjoying saying the word "no", a lot and she hears it a lot too. :0) Every day they learn and do something new. Alexis currently enjoys getting her toothbrush and brushing her teeth several times a day and she loves to get money out of my and Kevin's wallet. (Kevin laughs and says she is going to be expensive when she get's older).