Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Five!

Andrew and I are always talking about our next vacation, so I thought that would be a good topic for my very first "Friday Five".

Where are five places (cities, states, countries, etc.) you would like to visit?
1. Australia
2. Germany - to visit Jennifer
3. Hawaii
4. The Grand Canyon
5. The Cayman Islands

Leave me a comment with your list.
Have a good weekend!!


Jessica said...

Hmmm, I have a lot more than five places I want to visit, but...

1. Peru
2. Rainforest in Western Canada
3. Spain/Morocco
4. Taj Mahal in India
5a. Israel/Greece
5b. Scotland

Hawklady said...

1. Ireland
2. Grand Canyon
3. Japan
4. Israel
5. Hawaii

Jennifer said...

Katie, I think coming to see me in Germany should be #1 !!

Here are mine...

1. Greece
2. China
3. Egypt
4. Australia
5. Cayman Islands

linda cox said...

I'm still thinking about this, I am pretty content with wher I have been and being anywhere with my husband and children and grandchildren, but here are a few ideas:
1. Alaska
2. Word of Life Campground
3. Swimming with dolphins somewhere
4. Africa on a photo safari
5. Zip line through the rain forest

Cathy said...

well...other than Disney World??
1. New England States
2. Canada-New Brunswick, St. John, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia (with my friend, Marsha :-)
3. Bermuda
4. Alaska
5. Hawaii