Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Master of the Grill 2007

Master of the Grill 2007
Last year we started a tradition in my family that we hope continues for many years:

Master of the Grill!

All of the men in my family bring their grills to my parents house for a 4th of July cook off. They all have to cook Baby Back Ribs. Last year there were 4 men competing, but this year we have 5 participants: My Dad, and all the Son-in-laws; Andrew, Will, Jeff, Matt. We will have a panel of "Judges" deciding who's ribs are the best.

Last year they were required to do two items. The highest combined total score won. Andrew won for the Chicken and Matt won for the ribs. But Andrew won the title of Master of the Grill 2007 since he had the highest combined score. All of the men are practicing and getting their rubs and sauces ready for this Friday. Since they are only being judged on one item this year, It's winner takes all. I can't wait to see who wins. I will post on Saturday with pictures and to let you know who won. Here are some pictures from last year's competition.
Team Wolff (Notice the matching Tattoos)
Andrew preparing his ribs
My Dad did a Hawaiian Theme. Can you tell??
Will's finished products. He decided to do chicken fingers rather then grilled chicken.
Matt's Final Display


jim thompson said...

so good! i never knew you had a blog! i will read it diligently. kiss the manscout for me.

linda cox said...

And the winner is.........
you know that dad will win!!!!
he is the founder of the feast!!

ehudwill said...

I thought you would have updated it by now. :-)