Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Christmas Cactus in October??

Well, it seems that October is a little confused. Last week - tomatoes, this week - Christmas cactus. They call it a Christmas Cactus for a reason. It blooms in December. I guess mine is a little eager to get the holiday season started. This Cactus is in my office at work. I have one at home that hasn't started yet, and doesn't look like it will bloom anytime soon. It really is beautiful, don't you think.


Sara said...

wow my christmas cactus does NOT look like this - even when it is blooming... i think it is very very sick... i really don't have much of a green thumb

Mom said...

You must have your fathers green thumb!

Jennifer Malone Rodriguez said...

Katie ~

That must be a Dominican Christmas cactus!! Here, they decorate for Christmas in October (because they don't celebrate Thanksgiving). So we always get to enjoy 3 or more months of Christmas decorations! It's beautiful!!