Thursday, October 30, 2008

Poor Toby

My poor Toby has an ear infection. I noticed this weekend that Toby's ears seemed to be bothering him. He was constantly scratching them, or rubbing them on the carpet. So, I took him to the vet this week, and my poor baby has an ear infection. Cocker Spaniel's are known to have problems with their ears, because of the way their ears hang. The Dr. did say that Toby's weren't as bad as some Cockers that he has seen. He gave me some cleanser to put in his ears twice a day, and an antibiotic to put in his ears once a day. The thing is, Toby hates for anyone to mess with his ears. So, three times a day, I have to wrestle with him until he submits and lets me put the drops in. I think I need a visit from the Dog Whisperer. I have to do the drops for 10 days, and I'm only on day 2. Please say a prayer for me.

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