Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Half Way There!

Today marks the halfway point of my Month with No Sweets! I can't believe I have gone 14 days already. It is going by really fast, and it hasn't been nearly as hard as I thought it would. I am starting to find myself liking the water, and actually craving water to drink. I am also not craving sweets in the afternoon, like I used to. Like I said at the beginning of this. I'm not doing this to lose weight, but to become more healthy. As far as I can tell, it's working. Just two more weeks to go. I'm thinking about October, and maybe doing No Fried Foods, but we'll wait and see how this month finishes out.

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kellyn2girls1boy said...

good job Katie! The fried thing is pretty easy for me, After all the morning sickness it has caused for me in the past, I just avoid most of it.