Monday, June 14, 2010

Getting Ready For A Baby

This past weekend, I was in "getting ready" mode. I just want to have all of the basic necessities before we get the phone call saying we have a baby. Friday, I went shopping with my MIL for bedding for the cradle. I bought the cradle when I was pregnant, because I found it at a consignment sale, and it was too good to pass on. So, for the past 9 months, it has been sitting in our spare bedroom. Anyway, we found some really cute, super soft bedding, in a pale green. It is perfect for a boy or a girl. On Saturday night, Kelly and I went shopping, and I found this cute little frog. He matches the bedding perfectly.
I also found these cute little hats at the Children's Place. They were on clearance, so I got one for a boy and one for a girl.
Here is the swing that Kelly is letting me borrow. It is also very gender neutral.
Sunday afternoon was devoted to picking out a car seat / stroller travel system. Andrew was such a trooper, and didn't complain once. We went to 4 different stores, and here is what we decided on. We got it from Babies R Us. It is an Evenflo. There were around 350 reviews on-line, and it's overall rating was 4 out of 5. We looked into everything people complained about, and they weren't issues for us. The reason we picked this one, was because the car seat was lighter then the others. The handle on the car seat was a lot easier to carry. The storage bin under the stroller was bigger then all the others. Opening and closing the stroller was so easy, we could both easily do it with one hand. I really love the pattern to0, so that helped with choosing it also.

On Sunday, I also bought my first pack of diapers and wipes. I had a coupon for both, so I got huggies, since that was what the coupon was for. Now all we need are some bottles. Thanks to everyone who gave their input on facebook when I asked. I'm still not sure which ones to go with, but we will figure it out soon enough. Things are coming together. Now all we need is the baby!


Jennifer said...

That will look great at the Christmas show this year! :) Can't wait to meet baby Wolff!

Hawklady said...

looking good! I need to see what else I have for you around the house.

kellyn2girls1boy said...

you forgot to show all the other medical stuff you got for baby Wolff! I love the stroller/carrier combo, good choice!