Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baby Book

I have always looked forward to filling out a baby book for my children. Putting all the pictures, and documenting all of the "firsts" in their life. One thing about adoption though, is that you can not use a traditional baby book. So, I went on-line and was able to find two different baby books, specifically for adopted babies. I was so excited to find them. I picked the one that I liked the best, and ordered it here. I wasn't sure that I would love it, but the options were so limitedWell, I got it this week, and I love it. It is perfect! I can't wait to start filling it out.
Here are just a few of the pages that are in the book.


Agnes said...

I love your baby book! Where did you get it??? Have fun filling it special!!!

Papa and Grandma Cox said...

I can't wait to see the book and baby in person. It looks nice. Baby # 1 always gets the baby book filled out completely. Have fun filling it out, I'm glad that you got an adoption one for your special little gift. Can't wait !

Katie said...

I found it on Here is the link: