Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Foods

This weekend, we gave Michael his first taste of solid food. We had planned to start when he turned six months old, but since that happened on Monday, it was easier to do the first food over the weekend. We decided to give him avocado since it is nice and creamy, and very good for you.

Well, on Friday night, we ate pizza for dinner and we always give Michael a piece of crust. He usually just looks at it, and then drops it on the floor. Well, Friday night it went straight into his mouth, and he sat chewing on it for a long time. I'm sure it felt good on his little gums, and it tasted much better than any of the toys he has to chew on. I hate to document that pizza crust was his first solid food, but in actuality, it was.

On Saturday afternoon, we attempted to feed him the avocado. Let's just say that he liked the pizza crust a lot better. He took the first bite with no problem, but then he didn't want to take another bite. We did manage to get some more in his mouth, but I think most of it ended up being spit back out. We tried again that night, and he didn't like it any better the second time.
We will just keep trying new foods and eventually he will get the hang of eating solids and I'm sure he will learn to love them!

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Alaythea said...

My daughter had a hard time with the veggies at first - she liked orange veggies but not the green ones so much. I found if I took a spoonful of veggies and just dipped the tip in some fruit baby food or yogurt she'd eat it up! I guess because the sweet would hit her tongue first she'd take the whole spoonful. It was a way to get her veggies in her! But I think we started with hot cereal as her first food anyway....I did fruit and veggies around 7 or 8 months.