Friday, April 15, 2011

Finger Food Favorites!

Just wanted to share some of Michael's favorite finger foods. He is getting the hang of picking up the item, and it actually making it to his mouth. Before, he would just grab the item with a fist, and then as he brought it to his mouth, it would never actually make it in. The dogs liked it a lot better before, cause most everything ended up on the floor. Their new favorite place to hang out was under the high chair.
Michael's first favorite is Veggie Straws. My sister had been buying these for a long time, and I have had them, but just never bought them for myself. Well, in March, at Leilani's birthday party, she had a big bowl of these, and we decided to see if Michael liked them. HE LOVED THEM!! He couldn't get enough of them. They are great because he can hold them in his fist, and feed himself. Even before he had mastered feeding himself, these were easy to do. They melt pretty fast, so I wasn't concerned about him choking on them. They are just as good for him as any other "children's snack food," if not better. There are no preservatives, no trans fat, cholesterol free and are made from real potato, tomato and spinach. And Mommy and Daddy love them too!
Here he is, reaching up for a veggie straw

Getting it to his mouth


Gerber Puffs are another favorite.

These are a little harder to pick up, since they are so small. But they come in great flavors, and we have found ourselves snacking on them when we are feeding Michael. They melt super fast, so again, no choking hazard, and have 2 grams whole grains per serving. They are formulated with Vitablocks nutrient blend for snacks - iron for healthy cognitive development; zinc, a major building block of a healthy immune system; and vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant.

And I think these go on the all-time favorite list for anyone who has children:


Michael seems to like them just fine, but Andrew gives him puffs instead. He doesn't like cheerios, and doesn't think Michael should have to eat something that tastes like "cardboard." Silly Daddy!

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Jennifer said...

Now I know what to buy at the store for Michael when he comes to see his Auntie Fer soon!! I like the veggie straws too!