Saturday, January 7, 2012

17 Months

Wow, this one snuck up on me. Usually I have in mind when the 7th of each month is, but not this month.
So, here is what Michael is up to at 17 months:

- He is talking more and more each day and is starting to repeat words back to us. He will try to repeat everything I ask him to, but it doesn't usually come out right. There are a few that do come out right, and it is so cute when that happens.
- He loves for me to sing songs to him. His favorite are ABC's and Frosty the snowman. He has books with these songs written in them, so he is constantly bringing me these books to "read" or sing to him.

- He has grown another inch, but his weight is about the same, so his big belly is slimming down some.
- His hair is coming in, finally! It is still soft and curly. We haven't cut it yet, and really don't plan to for a while.
- He has learned how to slide down the stairs on his belly (feet first) and is getting faster each time. It won't be long till he is shooting down the stairs.

- He has started coloring with crayons. He doesn't try to eat them either ;)
- He loves to play with his little people barn and knows where each animal goes, based on the sound it makes.
- He knows and can make the following animal sounds: cow, monkey, sheep, dog, cat, and sometimes horse. He knows the sign for duck, but won't say quack. He also knows that the pig makes a funny sound he just hasn't figured out how to oink yet.

- He loves playing with his big cousins and follows them around everywhere.
- He plays really well by himself at home. He loves his blocks and loves to knock them over when I stack them up. He has just recently started stacking them up himself to knock over.
- He loves to dance!! That was his favorite thing about the cruise, I think. He dances with just his arms mostly, but it is so cute!
- He keeps me busy, but there is nothing else I would rather do, then spend my days being his Mama!

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Anonymous said...

He is so cute and you and Andrew are truly blessed. Love your pictures and your blog.