Friday, January 13, 2012

Thrift Store Friday

I haven't posted my thrift store Friday for the past few weeks because of the holidays and being out of town. So, I'm combining the last few weeks into one post.
Here are my recent finds:
3 board books: $.25/each
A Gone Fishing Vest For Michael (NWT): $3.00
6 tooth brushes & 4 tubes of tooth paste: 5/$1.00
Vera Bradley Purse: $12.00

Andrew surprised me with the purse one day. Isn't he sweet?

The Miracle Hill store in Spartanburg has a ton of tooth brushes (mostly children's) so if your kids need a new tooth brush, stop by and pick one or 2 up. Where else can you find a tooth brush for .25/each or you get 5/$1.00?

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